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***Official Raw Thread - 13th December 2004***

The Crippler

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Report from 411:

Eric Bischoff comes out carrying the big gold belt. He has a bit of hair back, still gray. Triple H, Edge and Chris Benoit are backstage beside each other facing a camera. Bischoff explains the title situation once again: Benoit made Edge tap, Edge pinned Benoit, and HHH was the champ in a match that ended in a draw. But before he can make up his mind, he gets interrupted by the guys backstage.


HHH says that, since you gotta beat the man to be the man and HHH never lost in any way, the belt's still his. And if the belt goes to one of the other guys, HHH'll get it back soon anyway, so you might as well give him the belt.


Benoit interrupts him to point out that HHH has never beat him. Edge interjects himself into the discussion, and when he's ignored, he blasts Benoit with a right. This leads to a big three-way brawl. They fight with a table of food and a few lead pipes lined up against a wall to get knocked over.


Bischoff interrupts the brawl once Referees and Officials pull the participants apart to break it up. He makes a rematch of last week: Batista & HHH vs Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit. Edge will also face Randy Orton, next.


Bischoff promises that once he gets his show under control, he will make his announcement.


And he leaves.


Ad Break.


Match #1: Edge vs Randy Orton


It struck me as being really generic at first, but Edge's theme music is really, really growing on me. Almost as cool as Christian's, but not quite. Orton gets a substantial pop. "Vigilant" Mike Chioda is your referee. Ooo, maybe we'll get him twice tonight. "You tapped out" chant. Make that a LOUD "You tapped out" chant. They pace around. They lock up. They break up. JR sells the history - Edge beat Orton to end his eight-month IC title reign at Vengeance, so he knows how to beat him. Orton gets a side haedlock. Edge sends him into the ropes, but Orton hits a shoulderblock and poses. Edge sits in the corner. They lock up again. Orton gets a headlock. Edge sends Orton into the ropes again. Orton shoulderblocks him again. Orton runs the ropes, Edge leapfrogs, Edge tries a hiptoss, blocked, Edge ducks a clothesline, he gets a rollup, two. Orton gets up and stares Edge down. Edge mocks Orton. "You suck" chant, presumably directed at Edge. Another headlock from Orton. This time, he turns it into a drop toe hold and tries a headlock from the mat. Edge breaks and they both go for dropkicks at the same time, both hitting air. They look at each other in a pretty cool spot. They lock up again. Orton uses a waistlock. Edge hits an elbow as a "Randy' chant starts. Orton gets a forearm. Orton sends Edge into the ropes and hits a hiptoss. Edge runs into a drop toe hold. Orton runs the ropes and clotheslines Edge out of the ring. Nice intensity from Orton and he jumps around the ring, fired up, to take us to our second Ad Break. (3:28)


Ad Break ends (5:58)


On the outside, they brawl. Orton puts Edge back in and starts to send him headfirst into a corner. We get a replay of the clothesline. Orton gts a snapmare and locks in a chinlock. The crowd wants an RKO instead, but Orton works the chinlock regardless. Edge writhes in pain for about a minute before breaking at the ropes. Orton keeps the heel offense going with a punch in theh corner. Orton uses a cross-corners whip and charges, but Edge uses Chioda as a human shield, bails, heads back in, and watches Orton follow him like a dumbass. Edge uses punches once Orton reenters and knocks Orton outside with a baseball slide. Edge recovers from his injuries. Orton gets up onto the apron, and Edge just spears him back off. Edge heads back outside to keep the beating going. This prompts another "You tapped out" chant. Edge puts Orton back in after minimal stomping and covers for two. Edge thinks he deserved three and slaps the mat three times to illustrate that fact. He goes back to stomping Orton. Edge uses a series of elbows. He goes to the mounted punches. Edge locks in a rear naked choke with a bodyscissors. Chioda: "What do you say, Orton? Huh? You wanna tap, Orton? You want me to ring the bell? No?" What a guy. The crowd wants an RKO. Edge puts his hand on the forehead and turns it into a sleeper. Orton fights it and gets to his knees after struggling for a long time. He gets to his feet. He gets two punches to the gut. That almost gets him a slugfest. Her uns the ropes and hits a cross body for two. Edge ducks a clothesline, and they hit each other with a double clothesline. Chioda starts the 10-count, which gets to 9 before they get up at the same time. Edge hits a dropkick and heads up top. (I never noticed until now just how great Edge is at selling lightheadedness. Awesome. JR points it out as Edge is on the top turnbuckle). Edge tries the dreaded Flying Nothing, perhaps a dropkick, but we never find out as Orton meets him with a dropkick of his own. Orton gets to his feet first and the crowd is dying for an RKO, but Edge gets the first shot with a forearm. Orton fires back with a right. They trade rights three times before Orton gets a bunch of punches in a row and a clothesline. Orton hits the 3.0 for two. Edge charges Orton in the corner, but Orton hits him with a Jack Brisco roll for two. Orton tries a clothesline... but Edge ducks and hits the Edge-O-Matic for two. Edge takes his sweet time pulling Orton to his feet and Orton tries the RKO out of nowhere, but Edge blocks and hits a backslide... with the ropes... for two. He's visibly frustrated, and complains to Chioda for a second, before charging Orton in the corner and getting hit with Snake Eyes. Orton gets a schoolboy for two. Edge runs the ropes right into a powerslam from Orton and now he feels it. Orton goes up top. He lines it up, but the cross body misses! Feel the instincts. Edge lines up the spear as Orton gets to his feet. But Orton meets the spear with a drop toe hold! Orton tries the RKO - blocked! Edge tries Edgecution - blocked! Orton reverses to another RKO attempt, and THIS one connects! One - two - three - winner.


Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall (17:48)


It was a bit slow in the middle, but that was a nice, intense match, and the finishing sequences definitely worked for me. Solid opener, and I love the clean finishes. Any non-50/50 booking is cool with me.


Backstage, Ric Flair counsels Triple H (movie star, bestselling author, best wrestler alive, only real World Champ) on how to convince Bischoff to give him his belt. Dave Batista thinks that's a bad idea - he suggests that HHH not beg to anybody. Instead, he suggests that HHH dominate the tag match tonight. He thinks HHH shouldn't tell Bischoff who the greatest wrestler today is - he shouuld show him. Flair likes that idea. HHH smiles and gets it. Thumbs way up to the booking of the Batista turn so far.


Ad Break.


Highlights from live WWE shows in Macon and Chattanooga.


In the ring, the new divas shoot T-shirts into the crowd with "Walk Idiot Walk" in the background as JR and King brief us on what's happened so far. Bischoff's announcement is still to come, and Orton's beat Edge, in case you just joined us or only started reading here.


Gene Snitsky walks in on the girls. Though he likes to do to people what he did to Kane, or worse, Lita's baby, he also loves to have fun. And tonight, he's gonna have some fun with them. He just wants to have some fun. "Shoot the gun a little. Come on! Play that music again!" So the music plays again. "Yeah! Now we're having some fun. Hey, can you show me how to work that gun?" And he chokes Christy. "I forgot to tell you - I'm not having fun unless somebody's SUFFERING. And that somebody - is you."


Cue Lita's music. "You are so tough, Snitsky. Last week you intimidate me, and this week, it's Christy? Are you picking on women? That must make you feel like a really big man, huh? So you must be kinda frustrated after last week, because despite all your efforts, I am the new Women's Champion. [pop] But since you want a fight so bad, I have some good news for you. Because I got a message from my husband, Kane. And he wanted me to let you know that he's coming back. And when he does, Kane is going to beat the holy hell out of you."


This provokes Snitsky to chase Lita up the ramp... but he gets cut off by Kane's pyro every time he starts running up!


It's like the Undertaker return or something. Awesome!


Snitsky is puzzled as we head to an...


Ad Break.


We return with highlights of the "Blade: Trinity" premiere that segue into a trailer.


Backstage, Christian, Tyson Tomko and Candace the makeup artist are talking. Christian pokes fun at Candace's eyeshadow and walks off with Tomko before getting cut off by Eugene, who wants Captain Charisma's autograph. But before he can really ask him, he goes bug-eyed looking at someone else - MICK FOLEY.


Eugene runs through all of Foley's cheap pops and they walk off. (His top four wrestlers: Foley, Rock, Papa Shango, and Bobby Eaton - from RIGHT HERE IN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA!) Christian points out that Eugene's fascination with Foley and not Captain Charisma demonstrates the lack of respect he is receiving.


Simon Dean talks with Eric Bischoff and signs a contract. It's the perfect way to promote the Simon System!


Chris Benoit barges in, causing Simon to run away. He worked for eighteen years - EIGHTEEN YEARS! - to get his hands on that belt. It's his LIFE. He proposes a triple-threat rematch for the title, the only real fair solution. "If you give the belt away, it'll just prove to me that you are as spineless as everyone says you are." The usual intensity from Benoit.


Ad Break.


Match #2: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho vs Dave Batista and Triple H (w/ Ric Flair)


Benoit and HHH start. They lock up and HHH gets Benoit in the corner. Benoit keeps winning the slugfests, but HHH keeps getting Benoit backed in corners. Benoit finally gets the upper hand with chops. He whips HHH into a corner and gets a backdrop. Benoit gets a headlock, but HHH backs into the heel corner. Batista blind-tags in, stomps away, and steps on Benoit's throat. Batista uses a whip. Benoit baseball-slides underneath a kick and hits a dragon screw. He tags in Jericho. Batista charges with a kick and immediately starts beating Y2J down with forearms to the back. He tags in HHH. Jericho backs away. HHH locks it up again. He gets a headlock. Jericho sends him into the ropes, but HHH gets a shoulderblock. HHH runs the ropes, but Jericho blocks him with a hiptoss. Jericho uses a running kick to the jaw and starts to unload kicks in the corner. Jericho follows with forearms. He uses a whip into the roeps - nope, reversed - HHH tries a clothesline, ducked, but he hits a running kneelift and tags in Batista. Batista gets Y2J in the corner and unloads the knees and shoulder thrusts. Batista uses his hard Irish whip into the corner, henceforth to be known as the Whiplash, and keeps the stomping going. He locks in a chinlock. Jericho gets out and runs the ropes, but he eats Elbow. HHH tags in and keeps the brawling going in the heel corner. HHH throws rights in the corner, followed by stomping and other chicanery. When he distracts Referee Earl Hebner, Batista chokes Jericho out with the tag rope. Benoit doesn't help matters, accidentally distracting Hebner to allow the cheating to continue. When Hebner finally gets back to the match, HHH gets a stalling vertical suplex and a running kneedrop to the face. Nice. He covers for one before Benoit promptly breaks the cover. HHH gets Jericho in the heel corner, but Jericho fights off both heels for a while with rights and elbows before HHH whips him. He lowers his head, though, so Jericho kicks HHH. Flair gets on the apron, but Jericho dispatches him. Flair is livid, and HHH has to go to extreme measures to calm him down and stop him from disqualifying Evolution. Batista restrains Flair too as the faces hold the ropes open to invite the heels back to continue the match as we head to an Ad Break. (6:54)


Ad Break ends at (10:05)


We return with Benoit hitting HHH with the series of rolling Germans. He knocks out Batista and Flair just to be safe, then heads up with the diving headbutt, but HHH rolls out of the way and we have a double-KO. HHH gets to Batista first, and Benoit can't get Jericho. Batista MURDERS Benoit with a running powerslam for two. He uses a hard whip into the corner. Benoit collapses. HHH tags in. Now HHH uses a hard Irish whip, and Benoit collapses again. HHH covers for two. HHH tries to continue the assault, but Benoit meets him with two chops. Benoit runs the ropes... right into an abdominal stretch. This leads to a solid "Benoit" chant. Batista holds onto HHH's arm to increase the pressure. It takes Hebner a while to figure out that he's doing it. Nice. Every time Hebner looks over at Benoit, the heels hold hands. When Hebner catches them a second time, Benoit slides out and almost gets to Jericho, but HHH pulls him back in. Benoit gets a series of forearms in the corner and a cross-corner whip, but runs right into a boot and collapses. HHH goes to the second turnbuckle with a fistdrop attempt, but Benoit lifts a leg to kick him in the face, and HHH does a spit take and flops. Nice. It's another double-KO and another Benoit chant. This time, Batista tags in, but it's HOT TAG JERICHO. Batista reverses a whip, but that just sends Jericho into a forearm to send HHH hurtling to the floor. Jericho gets some shots on Batista, no sale, so he runs the ropes with a cross body, right into a cross body block. But he escapes another running powerslam attempt out the back door and gets a chop block. Batista escapes an attempted Walls, though. Jericho gets a drop toe hold into the 619 position and tries the running choke onto the second rope, but Batista gets up and meets him with a spinebuster attempt... but Jericho reverses to a sunset flip for two! Batista tries the DAVEBOMB, reversed by Jericho to the enzuigiri! JERICHO HITS THE LIONSAULT! HHH runs in and tries a clothesline, ducked, and Jericho dumps him. Flair on the apron - Jericho hits the springboard dropkick! Tag Benoit! Diving headbutt to Batista hits! Benoit locks in the Sharpshooter! HHH runs in... directly into the Crossface! He's not legal, but Batista breaks it up anyway, and now he murders Benoit with the BIG SPINEBUSTER, and that finishes it!


Winners: Dave Batista & Triple H via pinfall (16:49)


Your second nice, long, good match of the night. HHH looks up at Batista, sort of worried. This hit all the right notes bookingwise, especially with the Jericho hot tag bit with Y2J on the run from Batista's power stuff but still getting the upper hand at every turn anyway. These two matches have left little to complain about, and I really like the booking so far, but we still have the extremely interesting Mohammed Hassan debut to deal with sometime soon.


Ad Break.


Lilian Garcia: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome - MICK FOLEY!"


Consider him welcomed! He hits the ring with a microphone in hand. "All right! Now just what wouuld the holidays be without a cheap Mick Foley book plug? Now I said I had an important announcement to make, and believe it or not, this book is not it." He says that, although Tales from Wrescal Lane would make a great Christmas gift idea, his real announcement is that he's going to make a jump over to Smackdown. [boo!] But it's not just any Smackdown - it's the Christmas from Baghdad edition. [Applause!]


We get highlights from last year's WWE appearance in Iraq. That gets more applause.


Foley says that, though he's never really been a big pro-war guy and he still has some John Kerry for President bumper stickers in his garage (mixed reaction), it's with great gratitude that he's accepted an invitation to the Pentagon to serve in the "America Supports You" campaign, because supporting the troops goes way beyond any political affiliation. So he sees it as a great privilege to go and entertain the troops.


He is cut off by Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari and their music. Moment of truth, baby. Here we go...


Khosrow says something to introduce Muhammad, presumably in Farsi though I don't speak any Middle Eastern languages so I can't tell. Hassan has listened to enough lies - now, you're gonna listen to him, like it or not. Hassan: "I used to be just like you, Mick Foley, and just like all these people. I used to proudly support these troops, and I used to proudly support this country. [What?] Right up until 9/11. [What?] After 9/11," [pencil in a What? every three words or so from here until the end of his speech] "I was forced to open my eyes to the truth, and the truth is, it's people like us that are the real victims of this war! And the truth is that none of you people are real patriots, bcause if you were, you would not support a war that promotes unfair treatment of Arab-Americans! This - this is no longer the land of the free. And this is no longer the home of the brave! I - I am a prisoner in my own country. And I feel your 'patriotism' at every airport. On every corner. And especially RIGHT NOW!"


Foley understands what he's said even though he disagrees strongly with almost every word. "but isn't it wonderful that you life in a great country like the USA, where you are free to express your views, no matter how stupid they sound?" Foley is getting a bit annoyed because Hassan came out to interrupt his return after an eight-month absence - right here in Huntsville, Alabama!"


Hassan says he's proud of coming out, because he's unhappy that Foley keeps praising his troops - gutless cowards - infidels! And that pisses Foley off, because many troops died so that Hassan could shoot his mouth off. He cites Nathan Hale and Michael Caine as troops who died to give Hassan the chance to say what he wants, as Khosrow fires off insults in his language and he and Muhammad start to stroll toward the ring. Hassan is offended that Foley, who supports the American troops, is lecturing him on morality.


Foley dares Hassan to enter the ring - Foley Island - and feel his fist in his mouth. He also gives him the right to feel Foley's boot in his ass. But Hassan refuses to fight a man he doesn't respect.


And they head back up.


My knee-jerk reaction is that they could have done a lot worse, because Hassan comes off as not terribly one-dimensional, though his arguments aren't particularly groundbreaking or logical or anything (probably by design). He's pretty damn charismatic, though, which really helps. He handled the What chants nicely. Calling the troops "infidels" is not so hot. Calling them "gutless" isn't either - that's a line that probably shouldn't be crossed. As a general rule, I'm hesitant to criticize anything in the live coverage unless you absolutely can't raise the objection "We'll see where it goes next week." Hassan's push is definitely one of those cases where we'll just have to see where they go with it and who they pick to be his first feuding partner. Foley could definitely establish Hassan by putting him over. The crowd was definitely WAY into this segment.


Ad Break.


We return with highlights from Trish/Lita.


Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Trish Stratus. He asks her how she feels. She threatens to slap the glasses right off his face. She's still the best women's wrestler ever. When Trish gets her rematch, she's going to get her title back. And she walks off.


Eric Bischoff talks to another prospective diva before Edge barges in to plead his case for the world title. He should've had a shot at Taboo Tuesday, but didn't get it. He won the battle royal, but it was ruled a draw. He won the triple threat match. And he also asks Bischoff not to hold his loss to Orton against him, because he's beaten Orton countless times before.


Bischoff promises Edge something he's never had before after this next match. I smell Elimination Chamber.


Ad Break.


Match #3: Maven, Christian & Tyson Tomko vs Eugene Dinsmore, William Regal and Shelton Benjamin


Christian is officially the Man with the Best Entrance Music in WWE. His jacket is much better this week - white and gold, with "Captain Charisma" on the back. Christian uses a slap and a kick, and a bunch of rights in the corner. Christian keeps the cheap shots coming, but Eugene reverses a cross-corner whip and hits a backdrop. Eugene reaches into his tights and pulls out his own version of Mr. Socko! Maven runs in to try to break and gets an airplane spine for his troubles. Christian runs into one of his own. Eugene dumps Maven and lines up the sock claw to Christian, but Tomko gets a big lariat, and Christian re-establishes control. Christian uses a choke on the second rope, and Eugene loses the handle on his sock. Tomko tags in. Channelling the spirit of Batista, he uses a running powerslam for two. Tomko keeps the mounted punches coming before going to a vigorous chinlock. Eugene gets to his feet and tries to elbow out, so Tomko uses a headsnap and tags Maven in. Maven uses a double fist drop to Eugene's back and follows it with an elbowdrop and stomping. Maven uses a blatant choke, followed by another blatant choke. Eugene tries to fight back with punches to the gut, but Maven remains in control with forearms to the head. He tags in Christian. Christian tires a suplex, blocked twice, and Eugene gets an inside cradle for two as the topic of discussion shifts to Muhammad Hassan. He gets a backslide for two. Christian uses a snapmare to a chinlock. King on Eugene: "He wasn't like any other kids when he was in third grade... because he was 18." Eugene breaks and tries to get to his corner, but Christian punches Regal and Benjamin out to prevent the hot tag, and pulls Eugene back. He tags in Maven, who covers for two. Maven's tights are pink and yellow today. Usually I don't notice that kind of stuff but the chinlocks just keep on coming. Maven applies another chinlock. Eugene tries to reverse, but Maven rolls through and hangs on as Eugene tries to crawl to the face corner. He's painfully close until Maven uses two forearms to the back. Maven gets a whip, but he lowers his head, and Eugene uses a kick and a Stunner and it's HOT TAG SHELTON. Top-rope clothesline to Maven. He knocks Tomko off and dumps Christian. Flapjack for Maven. Shelton tries the Stinger Splash on Maven, dodged, but he hits that's MISTER Exploder until Christian breaks... but Regal intercepts him, and Eugene gets the Sockable Claw on Christian. Tomko tries the boot on Shelton, but Shelton hits a picture-perfect superkick... and stumbles back into a schoolboy with the ropes from Maven, who gets the win!


Winners: Maven, Christian & Tyson Tomko via pinfall (7:18)


Eric Bischoff starts to walk to the ring for his Main Event Interview, but gets intercepted by Triple H before he can walk out his door. HHH backs him into his office. Bischoff says he'll make his decision in the ring. HHH: "Please. Eric, please. Make the right decision here, OK?" Though they've had issues in the past, the title is HHH's life, and being world champ is all that he is. He starts to plead desperately, talking like a machine gun at a whisper, with puppy-dog eyes for full effect. "It's what's right for business, Eric. I'm a nine-time World Champion, Eric. Listen, please, please. Raw is my show. Raw is what I am. The World Champion is what I am, Eric. And Edge, and Benoit, just wrestlers. I'm a household name, Eric, worldwide. I am a household name and poeple know me. People know me as the world champion, Eric. I'm, I'm asking you now, just, please, put everything aside. Please. Do what's righit for business, Eric. Do what's right for me."


Bischoff: "HHH, I'll take all of these things you've just said into consideration."


Wow. That's a side of the H's we haven't seen in a while. It's certainly interesting.


Main Event Interview is next.


Ad Break.


Next week looks like it's going to be a Best Of episode. Sweet.


Eric Bischoff says it's time to make his decision regarding the World Title. He invites the three men involved in the match two weeks ago - Edge, Chris Benoit and Triple H - down to the ring, and they all come down. HHH is accompanied by Ric Flair and Batista. Bischoff reminds HHH that he asked him to come to the ring alone. HHH apologizes, but says that Evolution is a part of him. "When Evolution succeeds, I succeed, and vice versa." It doesn't matter whether it's HHH, Flair or Batista, they have more wins than both of the other guys combined and the champ should be a winner.


Bischoff runs through his options: have a triple-threat rematch tonight? Bischoff doesn't want to do that. Give the belt to Edge? Too risky. He's never had it. Give the belt to Evolution? He's going to put HHH's theory that a win for Evolution is a win for him to the test.


On January 9, at New Year's Revolution, we're going to have a match that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt who deserves to be the champ. It's something he likes to call the Elimination Chamber.


"The world title will remain vacant until New Year's Revolution, when we have one of, if not the, greatest biggest championship matches in Raw's history. And it's going to feature Chris Benoit, Edge, HHH, Y2J Chris Jericho, and Evolution's own Batista. And last, but not least... Randy Orton."


Bischoff heads out as Flair follows him, trying to plead with him somehow. Benoit, HHH and Edge have a three-way brawl as Batista starts to walk out... then thinks better of it and starts fighting. Batista beats down Benoit with HHH and Edge, but Chris Jericho hits the ring to make it 2-on-3. Batista handles him, though, as HHH backs up the ramp... but Randy Orton gets him from behind and brawls with him down to the ring. Orton sends HHH into the ring steps and puts him back in for an old-fashioned Pier Six Brawl. Orton beats on HHH in the corner but gets kneed. HHH charges into an elbow, though, and Orton lines up the RKO. Batista gets him from behind, though. Orton just RKOs him anyway. Orton wants HHH, but he just lies on the outside. Orton opts to pose instead and we're done for tonight.





I enjoyed Raw this week. Edge v Orton was excellent and the tag team match was very strong. The Hassan character is really bugging me. Ed said in another thread that his character wasn't a political one, then what the hell is someone coming out and saying the war in Iraq is unjust? Of course it is a political character. It's just another case of the WWE leaning to one side and not staying impartial, making it out that anyone against the war over there is a bad guy. I felt very uneasy watching that whole segment between him and Foley.


The elimination chamber match should be good even though it is obvious that either Orton will win or Triple H will win the belt yet again.


Nevertheless, good show I thought.

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I enjoyed Raw.


Great to see Foley, how surprising was that? Dont get much surprises anymore so nice to see one here. I Like Mohammid Hassan, he's good on the mic and has a decent look, and great theme music. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz another Evolution vs Benoit and partner tag match. Why push Maven, hes crap, boring on the mic, and he looks like hes gonna get a title match with Shelton for some reason, hes just a jobber and has been for 4+ years.


As for the Chamber, i can honestly see anyone but Benoit or Jericho winning it. I think they may have Batista win it and continue the fued with HHH. I can see Edge getting it, because hes done nothing but complain, so he might get it. And HHH and Orton are the biggest 2 stars in the match, so no reason needed really. Cant See Jericho getting it, and cant see Benoit getting the strap either.

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Anyone other then HHH and Orton winning will be a great result in stoking up interest for forthcoming shows. They really need to dodge having HHH/Orton at Mania and Orton or HHH winning the rumble, as you only need to turn on your net browser to see thats what everyone thinks/knows what will happen.
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Another great Raw, as they have been for the past few weeks. I enjoyed seeing Foley, but thought that the Hassan bit was crap. When will vince learn that stereotypes such as these may generate cheap heat for a couple of weeks, but the angles are CRAP!

Concerning Erics big announcment, who didnt see that coming? I mean considering how everything has played out since before survivor series with the people going for the title, surely it was obvious they were going for an elimination chamber match, or at least a big multi-man match?

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