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How was your weekend?


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Hows everyone been? Ive been away for a couple days myself moving house, well me, mom and sister have moved house. Dad still leaves here where he does but we've got a cool new house and we found a bong had been left there. Excellente. But yeah Ive been helping move and getting my new room sorted and stuff. Job interview wednesday and off to the dreaded Ikea and Currys on thursday to shop around for new stuff like a TV/DVD combi so i can play Donkey Konga whenever I want.


Spent all day yesterday playing that its like a dance mat for your hands, bloody brilliant


Anyways hows everyone been? :xyx

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Mine was a rather bizarre yet highly entertaining weekend.


On Saturday I with my trusted friend Gimp, and his girlfriend Lauren who I'd met for the first time drove down to Bournemouth. We got there, found ourselves a cheaky little B & B (£25 each, not bad, was a plush room), then headed to Asda to get some alcohol in and then to the uni halls to meet my mate Dave.


We met up with Dave and played some pool as he'd just had his pool table delivered. I cracked open the little bottle of vodka and blue charge (cheap red bull), and put on some CD's, the killers, idlewild, razorlight and probably some other stuff I don't much remember. I was hammered by about 6pm, I mean properly hammered, I'd finished my bottle of vodka and was in the sorry situation of only having a bottle of sambooka left before we went out.


Then my trusted friend Gimp started, from about 7.30ish, telling everyone what a great dancer I was and how I could breakdance and what a general legend I was. This was fine, kinda, although I did started getting a lot of attention from his girlfriend who I'd not met before. I thought nothing of this really and just got on with being drunk.


At 10pm we finally left in a sorry state to go to the Villa. It's this great little indie club in Bournemouth. Anyways, when we went on System of a Down were playing and the dancefloor was empty as it always is at the beginning of the night. Gimp began to pester me to go and show off my dancing ability to the point where everyone had insisted that I had to.


So off I went, now with all the hype all night I knew I had to be a bit special really so I gave it the biggun. Within moments I had loads of people clapping and chanting and surrounding the dancefloor. This was cool. Then I went into a cheeky little spin on the ground, popped up out of it, swung my head round and smashed my poor little nose right into one of the massive pillars at each corner of the dancefloor. I stumbled backwards and felt really dizzy. I thought this was ok so carried on dancing until I noticed blood all down my shirt.


I stumbled into the toilets, covered in blood over my white shirt and feeling far too drunk to realise that a. it probably hurt, and b. i probably just looked like a muppet. I was then followed into the blokes toilets by Gimp's girlfriend Lauren. I quickly told her to get out as I was fine and because she'd get kicked out. Last time I was there I went into the girls toilets in similar fashion and got booted.


So then the night continued, much more dancing, lots of fun. Then Blind Melon's beautiful "No Rain" played and I was in heaven. Well, I was until Gimp's gf Lauren came and started dancing with me. She'd been a nightmare all night, dancin and flirting with everyone but him, so I didn't think he'd be impressed. I asked if she wanted a drink but I didn't think she could hear me so I leant in to say it into her ear at which point she put her hand on my bum and started kissing my neck loads.


So, hoping he'd not seen I shoved her off and went and got her, and Gimp a drink, and told her she should go find him and give him his drink.


Then after all of that and her being a cow all night right as the club was closing this little shortass girl came and put her arms around Gimp's neck. He pushed her off and told her he had a gf. Lauren saw this, walked over, pushed him, smacked the girl in the face then ran away.


We spent til 4am searchin Bournemouth for her and finally did at which point she had a go at us for leaving her on her own. WTF?????????????????


Hugely entertaining weekend, but that girl was a nightmare. One of those realyl cool girls who you just always think, "you're such a laugh, but thank God you're not mine"


So Sunday was hangover day.

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Gimp's girlfriend sounds like a b*tchwh*re! He must fire her.


My weekend - went to Butlins~~~! on Friday night. Funny story. Amanda from work drove down with Tom who used to work at our place and he declared his love for her. She had to tell him she didn't fancy him. Once out at Butlins Amanda and I spent the whole night flirting and dancing with each other and feeling guillty for Tom. It's our works Xmas party tomorrow night so I'm hoping for great things.

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Well my weekend involved a lot more alcohol than I normally consume and some very cute guy.


Carly (best female friend) and I went out for a usual Saturday Night, just looking to have a laugh, and boy did we get it. After falling over before we even got into the club Carly started giggling and we didnt stop all night. We bumped into some friends of Carly's from school and it kinda went on from there, they didnt leave us all night and one got very friendly and generous buying me drinks and dancing very close to which I was a bit nervous about at first but as the alcohol started to work I kind of let my guard down a bit and hell did the fun start, i somehow let them persuade me to go dance on the podium then nearly ended up fighting, then this very cute friendly guy nearly ended up fighting 3 times with different guys trying to get a bit too close. It was good, then after the club the guys had no way of getting home so 2 ended up staying at mine and 3 at Carly's god knows what she got upto but I didnt do anything (regretting it now) this guy was 18 or 19 cant quite remember cute as hell and a body that made me seriously reconsider my no sex first meet rule. He was majorly yummy.

Even better when i said i was going to bed he was the perfect gent said he'd sleep on the sofa, i gave him my sons bed for the night.

The morning was nice too he made me a coffee and hung round till 11am till he had to go to work, and asked if i would see him again sometime.

So nothing planned but maybe just maybe.



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Morphine's lurrrrrvley. I had to have it at the dentists cause I'm no fan of pain. They stuck in the needle, pleasure flooded my system and the cute dental nurse stood above me stroking my hair saying "is it natural?" (I've very curly hair).


Work up a couple of hours later with a mouth full of blood and cotton wool. :(

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On friday me and my girlfriend consumed a bottle of Goldschlanger and a bottle of Tequila and the rest is a blurr.


On Saturday i went to the Tattooist to get some some colouring work done on my spine, then spent the next 2 hours remembering why i don't usually drink the night before i get work done.

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Goldschlager. Noooooooooooo! I've bad memories of that.


Can't remember what I did on Friday night so I must't have done much. Got up at 12 on Saturday just in time for Football Focus and a fry up. My sister then rings me at around 3ish to say she doesn't want to go to the gig that night, even though I've bought her a ticket. I shout down the phone at her and she ends up crying. I end up feeling guilty as hell.


Meet my mate Matt at the train station around 6ish. Go for something to eat then head to the Limelight in Belfast. First act up were a band called The Noisettes and they were really rather good. The singer was a girl from Zimbabwe and she had great stage presence. Next act on was some generic Indy band. They were very average. The main event was Babyshambles who were absolutely dreadful, I thought. Pete Doherty looked like a complete mess. He looked so ill. I can't believe some people say I look a bit like him. I hope I don't look that bad.


Anyhow, Barry and Kieron and Stuart and Matt's sister Jannette and her boyfriend arrived and we had a good time dancing to some great tunes, ending with Dexy's Midnight Runners~! There was a point in the night when a girl was dancing in front of me and she seemed to be eyeing me up, well so Stuart said. She was even wiggling herself dangerously close to my crotch. I wasn't sure if it was because she didn't have much space or if she wanted to get jiggy. Anyhow, nothing materialised as I'm quite timid with stuff like that.


So I ended up getting home at about 3am. Great night despite Babyshambles being dreadful.


Oh and I ended up selling my sisters ticket for face value which made me feel even worse for having a go at her earlier in the day.


Sunday, nothing much happened really. I didn't have a hangover which was good. Good weekend.

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Well sunday I met up with J, which resulted with us having a lil play arguement, and cuddling on the benches on worcester. Even though were only meant to be mates. His band show was cancelled that day, as was yesterdays show. So I got to see him yesterday, which was amazing :D


I decided he was gonna take me to the pretty parts of worcester, and it was very dark, which made it even cooler. First me took me to the top floor of the biggest carpark. But I got a bit scared lol. Then we went and sat by the river severn for a bit, under the lights and stuff. Then it got cold, so we went for a walk to the groovy modern fountains, and sat on a bench next to the church. Was incredibly sweet, sitting in the dark, cuddling, holding hands and him singing one of his nice songs to me :) Woo life is fun.

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Thing is, you can understand Cripp being annoyed about the ticket thing, it's so infuriating when that happens, you want to see something so you ask around to see if anyone else fancies it to go with you, someone says yes, you ask them if they're sure they'll make it, they tell you yes, you buy the ticket for them and talk to them about it leading up to it, then without warning on the day before or on the day of it, they say they aren't coming and you're left with a redundant ticket that they haven't paid for and you've got to go around everyone else you know like a dumbass hoping that someone will show some interest or else you have to get there early and try to flog it for less money to a stranger, in the process pissing off anyone else who might also be going with you by making them follow you around in an aimless fashion.


As for what I did this weekend, nothing. I sat on my fat rump all weekend, didn't go out and didn't want to, had loads of cups of tea and played lots of Pantera/Damageplan on the guitar all weekend and wondering what will ever motivate me to look for work when I could have it this good!

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I had a intresting weekend.


Finished work at 1.00pm on friday afternoon, then started on the works pub crawl.


1st pub- Sober general chit chat talking about work


2nd pub - Real ale specialist pub, still sober conversation slips to beer.


3rd pub- Getting light headed, conversation consists of Rallying, Beer, The Girl behind the bar with a fantastic body and a moustache, stealing the party poppers and Christmas Crakers


4th pub- Weatherspoons ok cheap beer time. set off party poppers stolen from previous pub and talk about moving onto get something to eat.


5th pub - Eating a steak very nice


6th pub- Back to weathespoons, whilist in cue for the bar, some people i know are escorted off the premisies i follow and after about 5 minutes of trying to get back in a brawl accures and police arrive, We run away


7th pub- Crap beer, convesation consits of what the hell had just happened out side weatherspoons.


8th Pub- can't on earth remeber what conversation consists off i'm well drunk remeber palying attractive women Late20's early30's at pool and getting beat.


Saturday morning

Feel ill be sick at about noon. Watched abit of Soccer AM.


Saturday afternoon


Went to watch the Clarets stuff Preston North End 2-0




Went to the trafford center and did my Christmas Shopping. Very boring

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