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Funny Wyndorf! :) I saw that on another site as well.


I like Gene" The Animal" Snitsky. He makes me laugh. His gimmick and push is so outragious that it's become interesting.


I hope he is around for a long time. A real loooong time.


Snitsky= The master of the Pump Handle Scam/ So much better then Scott Steiner!

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what do you think? "ITS NOT MY FAULT" i think snitsky is ok just ok


Could you be more specific that just ok? Because ok could mean anything...


As to the topic,I like Snitsky. He's grown on me and I actually liked him since his debut. I first thought he was going to be just someone to be squashed by Kane, do the baby scence and then leave, but it seems not :) It seems that Mr.Snitsky is here to stay and I for one am glad...


His promos are good, he can handle a mic well. This monster gimmick that he seems to have is gaining heat well and I mean, having taken Kane out of action isn't a bad thing to have on your C.V either ;)


If Kane teamed with Snitsky upon his return as a heel stable, now that would be impressive :) Good ol screwjob... because Kane never wanted Lita's baby anyway :xyx

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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