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Zero One is changing...


No longer an NWA member and sans Hashimoto and Ogawa it is now a company ran by Ohanti and is vastly changed from the company that rose from the ashes of Hash's departure from NJPW in 2000...


So in dedication to Ohanti's new version of the promotion I thought I'd start a catch up thread for them, full of the latest news and results..


Zero One has started its AWA Title tournement with its top pro's set to take part... Here are the results....


ZERO-ONE 4/12/04

Yokoshiba B&G Sea Center

1,000 fans


1. Shinsuke Z Yamagasa beat Fugofugo Yumeji in 8:24 with a low-altitude dropkick to the face.

2. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block B: Yoshito Sasaki defeated Lil’ Nate in 7:26 with the Argentine Backbreaker. The crowd really took to Nate and gave him a big ovation after his match.

3. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block A: Ryouji Sai beat Andrew Hellman in 14:27 with a modified facelock.

4. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block B: Kohei Sato defeated Rikiya Fudo (Kuroge Wagyuta) in 9:03 with a German Suplex hold.

5. Ikuto Hidaka/Jun Kasai/Masato Tanaka beat Osamu Namiguchi/Takao Omori/Shinjiro Otani in 20:03 when Kasai used the High Voltage on Namiguchi.



ZERO-ONE 5/12/04

Korakuen Hall drawing 1,400 fans


1. Rikiya Fudo & Kohei Sato beat Ryouji Sai & Shinsuke Z Yamagasa in 14:04 when Fudo used a modified buster on Yamagasa.

2. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block B: Takao Omori defeated Jun Kasai in 7:16 with the Axe Bomber.

3. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block B: Masato Tanaka beat Ikuto Hidaka in 11:23 with the Complete Dust.

4. Andrew Hellman & Yoshito Sasaki defeated Lil’ Nate & Osamu Namiguchi in 12:38 with a modified facelock.

5. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block A: Wataru Sakata beat Minoru Fujita in 13:42 with a diving foot stomp.

6. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block A: Shinjiro Otani defeated Tatsuhito Takaiwa in 16:41 with the daio cobra hold.



ZERO-ONE, 12/9/04

Gumma Sports Center

1,400 Fans


1. Minoru Fujita & Osamu Namiguchi beat Rikiya Fudo & Shinsuke Z Yamagasa (12:06) when Fujita used a modified facelock on Yamagasa.

2. Ikuto Hidaka beat Lil’ Nate (10:31) with the Shawn Capture.

3. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block A: Wataru Sakata beat Andrew Hellman (9:37) with a jujigatame.

4. Ryouji Sai & Kohei Sato beat ANIKI & Yoshiaki Fujiwara (15:03) when Sato used a kneedrop on Fujiwara.

5. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block B: Takao Omori beat Yoshito Sasaki (9:59) with the Axe Bomber.

6. Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa beat Jun Kasai & Masato Tanaka (15:22) when Takaiwa used the Death Valley Driver on Kasai.



Don't worry, theres more to come!

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Zero One continued the path to its re-birth yesterday and again featured some matches in the tournement for the vacant AWA World Title. Here are the results...


Zero-One 11/12/04

Fukuya Citizen Gym drawing 1,200 fans


1. Ryouji Sai beat Shinsuke Z Yamagasa in 9:23 with a backdrop suplex hold.

2. Andrew Hellman & Jun Kasai defeated Lil’ Nate & Masayoshi Motegi in 16:16 when Kasai used the High Voltage on Nate.

3. Tatsuhito Takaiwa beat Rikiya Fudo in 10:24 with the Death Valley Driver.

4. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block A: Shinjiro Otani defeated Osamu Namiguchi by referee stoppage in 12:43.

5. Minoru Fujita & Takao Omori beat ANIKI & Yoshito Sasaki in 14:38 when Omori used the Axe Bomber on Sasaki.

6. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block B: Kohei Sato defeated Masato Tanaka in 14:27 with an armlock.


I'd look for Ohanti (booker and most well known star) and Sato (Fire Festival winner and former disiple of Hashimoto) to be the winner of the AWA belt at the end of this tournement.


Although I could be wrong as other names such as Sakata, Tanaka and Omori are well known and capable of holding the gold.

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Zero Oe ran a show headlined by Super Crazy v Takiawa for the companys Jr Heavyweight belt on Saturday. Takaiwa is hoping to take the gold into a match against Kanemaru later in 2005 so he can unifiy it with the GHC Jr belt... Can he make it past the insane Luchadore?


Zero One 18/12/04

Chiba-kouen Gym

1,200 fans


1. Different Style Fight: Ou Kobushisei beat Shinsuke Z Yamagasa by referee stoppage in 9:00.

2. ANIKI defeated Kuroge Wagyuta in 10:12 with a backslide.

3. Steve Corino & Matt Striker beat Jun Kasai & Masato Tanaka in 14:02 when Striker pinned Kasai. There was a foreign referee in this match and she gave the gaijin a fast count on all falls and the natives got slow counts.

4. PWF Universal Tag Titles: Minoru Fujita & Ikuto Hidaka defeated Osamu Namiguchi & Yoshito Sasaki in 16:31 when Fujita used the Sasuke Special on Namiguchi to retain their titles.

5. Takao Omori & Shinjiro Otani beat Ryouji Sai & Kohei Sato in 14:46 when Otani used the daio cobra hold on Sai.

6. ZERO-ONE International Jr. Heavyweight Title: Super Crazy defeated Tatsuhito Takaiwa in 14:20 with a la magistral to win the title.


So Super Crazy has taken the gold! Should have been a tough and stiff match with plenty of excitement...


The gajian referee in the Corino match? Simply Lushious, Corino's girlfriend and old RoH valet.... She is now know as Miss Stevens (she works as the AWA as well under this moniker and is a heel ref there and her real name is Ronnie Stevens) She is being marketed as the F-Cup ref and that the F-Cups are hr weapon...


Look at this pic... Their not F's surely?




In relateds news former Zero One king pin underwent succesfull shoulder reconstruction surgery at the hands of the famous Dr Andrews. The man who fixed HHH and Nash's quads amongst others spent 9 hours re-building Hash's shoulder. Its still not know if he can wrestle again though and if he does it will be most likely in NJPW for a few final pay days.

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On with the main business...


Zero One ran a show yesterday headlined by an over the top rope battle royal...




South Atami Marine Hall in Shizuoka drawing 1,000 fans


1. Ryouji Sai beat Rikiya Fudo (Kuroge Wagyuta) in 8:45 with a schoolboy.

2. Jun Kasai & Yoshito Sasaki defeated Masato Tanaka & Shinsuke Z Yamagasa in 12:13 when Sasaki used the Argentine Coaster on Yamagasa.

3. Kohei Sato & Tatsuhito Takaiwa beat Minoru Fujita & Takao Omori in 13:19 when Sato used a German Suplex hold on Fujita.

4. Matt Striker defeated Ikuto Hidaka in 13:25 by pinfall.

5. Steve Corino & Super Crazy beat Osamu Namiguchi & Shinjiro Otani in 15:33 when Crazy used a cross-arm Crazy Bomb on Namiguchi.

6. Battle Royal: Rikiya Fudo threw Ikuto Hidaka & Osamu Namiguchi over the top rope in 13:48 to win.


Plus Zero One has announced the cards with the matches on that will decide the future holder of the AWA title... Thats on the 10th of January however, the 9th will see a special News Year Show...


1/9 – Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

1. Osamu Namiguchi vs. Hirotaka Yokoi

2. Rikiya Fudo & Takashi Sasaki vs. Ryouji Sai & Shinsuke Z Yamagasa

3. Kohei Sato vs. Yoshito Sasaki

4. Ikuto Hidaka & Takao Omori vs. Adrian Lynch & Masato Tanaka

5. Minoru Fujita & Shinjiro Otani vs. Super Crazy & Tatsuhito Takaiwa

6. New Year’s Battle Royal


1/10 – Korakuen Hall

1. Yoshito Sasaki vs. Shinsuke Z Yamagasa

2. Adrian Lynch vs. Ryouji Sai

3. Osamu Namiguchi vs. Tatsuhito Takaiwa

4. 4 Way Dance: Minoru Fujita vs. Ikuto Hidaka vs. Super Crazy vs. Masato Tanaka

5. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block B Finals: Takao Omori vs. Kohei Sato

6. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Block A Finals: Shinjiro Otani vs. Wataru Sakata

7. AWA World Heavyweight Title Tourney – Finals:

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One of three really at this stage...


1) Omori who was pushed quite a bit in AJPW before the split and as well in NOAH till he pissed of Misawa. He also not so long ago fought for the Triple Crown against Kawada


2) Kohei Sato who is/was Hashimoto's protege and the winner of this year Fire Festival (Zero One's version of the G-1) beating Omori and Ohanti on the way. Was being held as the next ace


and 3) Ohanti, Zero One's biggest name left. A challenger for IWGP before he left, a cult fav in the US, a multiple time IWGP Jr Heavyweight title holder, former J-Crown holder and also heres the key... booker.


Out of them? Sato to be honest as he was in the midst of a big push before all the trouble. But I can see it being Omori or Ohanti as well.

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He's big, he's charsmatic and has connections in the Zero One office (namely Ohanti whose the booker now) as well as the fact that he achieved quite a bit in a short space of time.


I didn't like the fact that he got such a fluke and damaging win in 2000 but the fact is when he got to the final Kobashi killed him lol...


Only reason he won't get it IMO is because Ohanti wants new stars to build Zero One up and also because he is still freelance, and no man wants a freelancer walking into another promotion with the belt. Thats the main reason my Tenzan got the IWGP title from Sasaki because of the 16/1/05 match Kawada and Sasaki are gonna have for the 3-Crown... Soon as that was announced with the possibilty of the IWGP being on the line then he dropped the gold...


Omori is I feel too much of a risk... but will Ohanti see it the same way?

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Yeah I've just never warmed to Omori that much. He is big, he does have a lot of charisma but he just doesn't work half as well as some of the guys he was pushed over. I hated that win over Akiyama, who is one of my favourite all time workers, so it was indeed great to see Omori get whooped by Kobashi in the final.


Things like Omori coming over to the US and working a dull and weak match with Shamrock in TNA, also added to my dislike for the guy. I've just never been a fan. I don't watch Japanese wrestling to see a charismatic guy who I can't even understand when he talks. I watch it to see someone who can kick ass and work outstanding matches and for me he was just never in the same league as some of the guys they were trying to use to make him a star.


That said I can see why for a company like Zero One he would actually be a very credible and decent World Champion. It's just personal preference for me having a dislike for him and his style.

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He tried to change some parts of it but he's regressed.. After getting a new finish in the Axe Guillotine Driver (Like a Kryptonite Krunch but jumping onto your knees) he then go's back and re-uses the old lame Axe Bomber...


He and Takayama I never really rated, but the thing with Takayama in NOAH at least is that he can take so much punishement and soak up so much damage and be willing to do so, well it caused get drama particualry in the Kobashi match this year...


Shame it lead to his stroke...


But back to Omori, I think in the tag ranks or as a threat he's fine for Zero One, but not as challenger, thats a title I'd give Ohanti or Sato.

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But back to Omori, I think in the tag ranks or as a threat he's fine for Zero One, but not as challenger, thats a title I'd give Ohanti or Sato.
Yeah I'd agree, I think he's had his shot at the big time and while he has something to offer he just isn't the major player in the Japanese game that he was touted as at times. Not that the AWA title is neccessarily the big time compared to elsewhere in Japan but I don't see that having him as World Champion would be a great move for the company.


One of the big things that makes or breaks company's is whether they can create their own stars. You can't just feed off others scraps forever. At some point you need some homegrown guys getting over.

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Which is where Sato and Sakata (although he started in MMA inspired Battlearts) come in...


But to be honest Zero One will have to rely on freelancers to be the title threat. They just have to find good and loyal ones (unlike Low Ki who pissed on them like he did RoH) who can be trusted for the odd title run.


Like we agree, Omori isn't that guy... However Masato Tanaka is IMO.

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But to be honest Zero One will have to rely on freelancers to be the title threat.
Sure, that's totally understandable but along the way if they don't create their own stars they'll never grow.


Tanaka is excellent and much more talented than most of the over rated rubbish that Heyman used, and made look way better than they were, in ECW. He's a very very good worker capable of putting on excellent matches and making crowds care about him. Can't ask much more than that from someone, plus he's exactly the sort of guy to have around if you want to create new stars because he can make people look like gold.

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I mean if you look at the cards and the wrestlers on there this is who I reckon Z-1 should push...


Sato, Fujita (Minoru not Kaz the IWGP belt trashing swine), Sakata and Hidaka. All really good workers, early to mid 20's and people who have found their niche in the company.... Plus Fujita did some freelancing with NJPW awhile back and some RoH fans will know Hidaka from his battle against Red...


Booked against Ohanti, Tanaka, Takiawa, Omori and even Corino they can be quite good for the company and tidy little draws....


A good thing is that they have got rid of the Predator, Howard and other big useless gaijians...


Remember this was the company that brought Heidenreich and Nat Jones to the WWE's attention. B**tard Hashimoto.

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Zero One ran a card today with the long awaited clash of Takiawa of Zero One and Kanemaru of NOAH... Although in tag format instead of the originally proposed singles fight it still is seen as a preview of the soon to be realised match between the two...


Korakuen Hall drawing 1,500 fans

1. Osamu Namiguchi beat Rikiya Fudo in 9:01 with a schoolboy.

2. Jun Kasai & OJIKI defeated Yoshito Sasaki & Shinsuke Z Yamagasa in 15:22 when Kasai pinned Yamagasa after OJIKI used the OJIKI Tornado.

3. Psycho Simpson & Matt Striker beat Ryouji Sai & Kohei Sato in 10:13 when Striker pinned Sai.

4. Ikuto Hidaka & Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated Makoto Hashi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru in 15:55 when Takaiwa used a brainbuster on Hashi.

5. Steve Corino beat Shinjiro Otani in 10:19 with the Northern Lights Bomb.

6. Hardcore Match: Super Crazy & Masato Tanaka defeated Minoru Fujita & Takao Omori in 16:54 when Crazy used the Crazy Bomb on Fujita.


Some after show comments/news...


Fujita did a balcony dive on Tanaka through a table during the match and the match had an ECW style flavor.


Hidaka said that he was proud of winning this match and said that he made an impression on NOAH.


Corino had help from referee Miss Stephens (Simply Luscious) as she used a fast count to win the match. Otani said after the match that Corino should be ashamed of himself for winning a match like that.

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Stylistic as far as can tell... KENTA was originally called Kenta Koybashi but changed it to stand out and also to avoid confusion...


Some also do it to mark a new stage of their career... For instance Akira Nogomi of AJPW and once of NJPW is more commonly know as AKIRA. He chose this when he tried to move up into the Heavyweight Divison and joined Team 2000.

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Omori lost, Omori lost ;) Good!!!!!!


On paper looks like a good card though, and the Omori & Fujita Vs Tanaka & Crazy mathc should have been entertaining. I've never been as much of a fan of Crazy as most people are but anything with Tanaka in is good, and I have a soft spot for Fujita. Not sure why, just always have since I first saw him looking a little green yet with some potential.


Ikuto Hidaka & Tatsuhito Takaiwa Vs Makoto Hashi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru is probably the one that would have interested me most though. I've always been impressed by Kanemaru when I've seen him.


I've never really checked out much Zero 1 (Just a couple of shows here and there on tape) but I might have to get some in with my January tape order I reckon.


Worth a look Gringo or should I stick with Noah and NJPW?

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Some of the early 2001-02 Zero One stuff is gold, particulary the first show, damn good show...


After that it siks into gimmick matches and Hash just beating everyone with Ogawa despite being past his prime. Apart from the Fire Festival tournements of 2003 and 2004 this a period to avoid.


But it seems to be picking back up again now with Ohanti at the helm...


In short...


Zero One's first show

Any Fire Festival tournement

Ohanti Best Of (if you can you mits on it)

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i've noticed alot of wrestler in here with all capitals as here names (AKINO' date=' CIMA., OJIKI) any reason for this or just stylistic?[/quote']


i always thought it was used for wrestlers who were bad ass heels or something... wasnt TAKA one of the first ?


and that dive is sick... the dudes been watching one too many new jack matches

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