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What do you think the best faction in WWE has been? I personally like either The Ministry' date=' or the New Brood.[/quote']


For me I would have to say in order:


1.HHH & Stone Cold Steve Austin with Vince McMahon :worship


2.The ECW/WCW Factions during the invasion :thumbsup


3.DX-(Chyna,HHH,Road Dogg,Mr.Ass,and X-Pac) :devil


4.Corporate Ministry :thumbsup


5.The Brood(Gangrel,Edge,and Christian) :devil

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In the WWE?


The Corperation was great... Rock, HHH, Chyna, Vince, Shane, The Stooges, Big Show for a while as well as Kane, HBK, Test etc...


Corperate Ministy = Not so great...


Evolution is pretty good but it still hasn't achieved the kind of Evoultion D-X did... First they fought the power then they seized it and ran the show...


Plus as far as factions go, who can forget the Union!

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I'd have to go with DX as number one, revolutionising in my opinion, and thorougly entertaining... the making of superstars.


The Radicalz had their moments for me.


The Power Trip was fantastic! Thoroughly entertaining and a good run until Triple H's quad injury...


And these days, Evolution have stepped the mark up, although I now think its time for the end... bring back Triple H alone is what I say... or stick him back with Flair, but no one else, no Evolution... They had a good run and now it's time to close the door for new beginnings.

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I used to hate evolution, sometimes i still do, but they are now becoming a good faction and does neone else notice HHH is the leader once more?



OH BTW right to censor were cool for about a minute but they ruined my life with th good father. how could they :bawl

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