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new generation

Emcee trajik

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welcome to a new generation of mad creation

no hesitation to look for inspiration

to level a nation and be a top emcee

nobody stoppin me so at the top i'll be

watchin from above with you down under

cuz i'm hot like fire and i hit like thunder

bring ya noise and make the world wonder

who's on the mic, exactly who i am

so i tell em, i'm the lyrical son of sam

with an i shot ya attitude and don't **** with me rhymes

skillfull flow but often sick at times

cuz i tell the bitches to suck my cock

or maybe i'm just off my block

cuz i like to rock the mic like roc-a-fella

come to the stage to roc-ya-fellas

rock ya bloks ya houses and i rock ya cellas

from basement to livin room, into ya head

it's a new generation like the era of grateful dead

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I think we'll just leave it there. I'm not for coming down hard on someone who used a sparing amount of fruity language as long as it's not flaming - I didn't fuss about it since it's part of the lyric and not directed at anyone in particular, although it might not endear you to females on these boards! In future though, let's keep it clean if we can please?
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