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Holly Valance's Video

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(which incidentally is a cover of a Turkish (!) tourist hit - why do I know that? Because I am sad!)


I spent an entire holiday in Gran Canaria a couple of years ago dancing to the original in clubs so it kinda reminds me of that a little bit.


Incidentally I'm 22 and not spotty, not saying I'm gonna buy it, but looking at the vid is cool

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Originally posted by Tajiri_san

that "song" is a load of monkey crap, it will sell because, just like britknee an crusty gagulera, she dances around dressed like a slut, rather than because she has talent, which she does not


problems with woman in the past huh?

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Originally posted by Sparky

Eve??????? Alicia Keys????????????????? QUALITY SINGERS?!?!?!? Good Lord man have you lost your mind?


*Warning- may contain er...a bit of sucking-up (WTF!!!)*


don't you EVER! say that Alicia Keys is not a good singer, you just back off, and pick on Eve (don't give a damn about her), Alicia is not only god damn sexy, but also one of the bets singers i've ever heard, she is an inspration to alot of singers... (i hope Alicia is reading this :D)

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Back to the topic...


Yup, the video rules but the whole marketing and PR campaign was amazing: sexy video creates interest in the tabloids; all the lad mags (Loaded, FHM &c.) have a feature on her in the space of a month (with FHM putting her on the cover): COMPLETE MEDIA BLITZ!


Well done record label!


Song sucks though.

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