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A much more positive TNA message


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Primetime, Abyss, and Chris Sabin were all at yesterday’s Impact! taping but were not used due so they had a chance to recuperate from their injuries at Turning Point. They were paid as if they had wrestled on the taping. Sabin suffered a lower back injury during his match against Petey Williams. Primetime took some insane punishment doing his top rope headscissors after walking the cage, while Abyss took a bump onto a pile of thumbtacks.


Dixie Carter made a speech to all the wrestlers prior to the Turning Point PPV on Sunday, noting that the company is doing "great" financially and to not mind any Internet rumors that were stating otherwise. She confirmed the PWInsider.com report from a few weeks back by clarifying that if they wrestle more than once during a taping, they will be paid as if they working two different tapings. Carter noted that she would be giving birth soon and wouldn’t be around for awhile, but not to let that be seen as a sign of a lack of interest in TNA becoming successful. She promised that 2005 was going to be a big year for the company, citing details of their action figure deal with Toy Biz. She also noted that within the last three weeks, the company had landed some sponsorship deals, which was something they had been working on for a long time. At one point, Carter had planned to issue an official statement via the Internet, but later dropped those plans and addressed the wrestlers personally.


The Toy Biz action figures, which were originally scheduled for a June release, may be out as soon as this March.


Dale Torborg (Kiss Demon) and his wife Christine Wolf, who portrayed Asya in WCW, were backstage at yesterday’s Impact! taping. Mike Graham was also backstage. With Dusty Rhodes in power, don't be shocked to see Graham end up with a position. Rumors that Terri Runnels were backstage yesterday appear to be incorrect.


Bring back Torborg, but not as the Demon, give him back his first WCW gimmick, the MVP (Most violent Player). I want to see him throwing baseballs so hard they knock Goldylocks teeth in.


As for the rest of it, much better. Good to see that Panda and Carter are looking to the future and beginning to look at turning round into some profitability. Nice to see them give Abyss, Sabin and Primetime the night off, yet still pay them as if they'd appeared. I've still not seen Turning Point as the flipping download's a pain in the ass, but from what I've heard those three worked their butts off.

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All the naysayers will still all say its dying no matter what anyone associated with the company has to say. The TNA figures look superb from the first 4 and even though im too old for stuff like that Im gonna buy them anyway simply because they have Jeff Jarrett with smashable Guitar.
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