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Best Finishing Move

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There are indeed some finishing moves that I see today that indeed gets props from me:


1."The Styles Clash" Basically a reverse version of the Pedigree. I love this move A.J. Styles does.


2."Canadian Destroyer" One of the sweetest finishers I've ever seen. A flipping Piledriver. This is one move everyone cannot mimic.


3."Black Hole Slam"-Abyss's version of the late Big Bossman slam is a thing of beauty to see.


4."RKO"-Yes its a more flashier version of the"Diamond Cutter" but its still a nice finisher to see.Randy gets good height on those babies!


5."5 star splash"-Nobody does this better than RVD.


6."Lita's swinging DDT"-When Lita hits this move 9 times out of 10 its a win.Nice finisher.


7."Swanton Bomb"-I dont care how many times Jeff does it I still love seeing it.


8."Chokeslam" Both Big Show & Undertaker does this better than anyone


9."Clothesline from Hell"-Cant stand J.B.L. but I cant deny that when he hits this two things happen:You get ulgy in the face when it connects and second the match is over.Awesome finisher.


10."Shooting Star Press"-Still a lethal finisher for Billy Kidman.Great finisher.


11."Crippler Crossface"-There is nothing like it.Lethal finisher.


12."Sweet Chin Music"-From the sound of it to the damage it does.Always a thing of beauty to see from Shawn Michaels.


I have an old school list of favorite finishing moves,but I'll do that list later. What about you guys ? Whats your favorite finishers today?

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What about these?


Superbomb (Pitbulls)

Total Elimination (The Eliminators)

Spiked Piledriver (BrainBusters)

Demolition Elbow (Demolition*DUH*)

Doomsday Device (LOD)

Powerplex (Power & Glory)

3D (Dudleys)

Hart Attack (Hart Foundation)

Jackhammer (Goldberg)

Sharpshooter (Bret only)

Scorpion Deathdrop (Sting)

Expulsion Of Sanity (Hangman Draven Cage, that's me that is)

Kryptonite Crunch (Nova)

Tidal Wave (Nova & Chetti)

Chair Shot (Balls Mahoney, a thing of hardcore beauty)

Powerbomb (Sid Vicious)

Prime Time Slam (Brian Lee)

Diving Headbutt (Benoit)

Money Maker (Kid Kash)

Godsmack (Messiah)

F-5 (Brock)

DDT (Raven/Tommy Dreamer)

Snowplow/Northern Lights Driver (Al Snow)

450 splash (2 Cold Scorpio)

Hogan Legdrop (Hogan, obviously)

Famouser (Billy Gunn)

Sidewinder (Smoking Gunns)

Million $ Dream (DiBiase)

Savage Elbow (Savage)

Banzai Drop (Yokozuna)

Pump handle slam (Test)

Rock Bottom (The Rock)

People's Elbow (Only kidding)

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Buring Hammer, Spanish Fly, Vertibreaker or Cop Killer, Ki Krusher, Styles Clash, Wrist Clutch Exploder/Exploder '98 and my very own works...


The Shock Threapy (Cross Arm Electric Chair lift into a sit out cross armed Tombstone)

L-10 (Reverse F-5)

Skullburner (Double Underhook Canadian Backbreaker to Double Underhook sitout driver)

Bite of the Cobra (Cobra Clutch STF)


The Death Star Press (Shooting Star Press turnng into a crossbody)

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Ok Gringo, How about the Burning Windmill! As for the Cobra stf, I thank you for that one Brotha! How can I forget a little move used by the "Twisted" one himself..."The Twist Of Cain!" :devil


The WristClutch Burning Hammer is one of the sickest moves I have ever seen. Same for the Ki Crusher 99.

I can't help but mark out everytime I see the Canadian Destroyer.

I also like the Diamond Dust (posted before Darkstar!), and Savage's elbow is one of the best ever. Next to "The Angry Ahmish chicken Plucker" himself Roadkill that is.

The Amityvill horror preformed by Chriss Chetti was awesome.

Kenji Mutoh's Shining Wizard and Masahiro Chono's Yakuza kick also top my list.

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I also forgot about my own submission finish, The Hangman's Noose. Did ya see what I did there, Hangman-Hangman's Noose, not just a pretty face. *TWO shrugs*


It is a Tazzmission-Chickenwing and it hurts like a bast. Not for me obviously but for anyone else.

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Its not just the move but also how the wrestler performs it and how others sell it.


Few finishers get the reaction that Austin used to get performing the stunner. It didnht matter how often he did it I never got tired of seeing it.


Goldbergs Jackhammer, awesome finisher, performed on wrestlers of all sizes.


Batista - Batista Bomb, great move, same explosiveness of bergs jh, and again performed on big guys too. Love the way he rolls back then covers.

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Gringo you mentioned a reverse F-5 which you named the L-10?


This move was utilised by former UK wrestler for KSW, "The Rage" Jason Masters whose career was unfortunately cut short by a broker arm whilst performing the move. He called it the 5-F!


Anyway, my favourites are the Burning Hammer & Burning Lariat (Kobashi), Ganso Bomb (Kawada), Cop Killah (Loads of peeps), Cattle Mutilation (American Dragon), Psycho Driver (Super Dragon), Cut-Throat Driver (Mark Briscoe), Regal Cutter (Regal) and Phoenix Splash (Hayabusa).

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I agree that it has a lot to do with the wrestler performing the move


For example, the Sweet Chin Music is just a superkick, so when Stevie Richards does it, it's not the same as HBK hitting it



Moves that pop the crowd and look good:

Goldberg's JackHammer - it looks like he hits it HARD (and probably stiff as he's a sloppy worker)

Brock's F5 - anyone who can get Show onto their shoulders and hit the move is cool in my book :D

Styles Clash - this move always looks impressive and AJ hits it with class!

Van Terminator - when done by RVD, not by Shane, the rip-off :P - the amount of air that RVD gets is fantastic!

Eddie's BrainBuster - I'm sure they stopped him doing it as it looked more painful that most of the other finishers


My problem with moves like the SSP, Moonsault and the like are they're just the same impact as somebody dropping on you - if you spin in the air it adds nothing of worth to the connection with the opponent



Others that you don't see in the US very often or at all:

DVD - when done properly, this looks amazing, but there are far too many sloppy workers out there who try it!

Burning Hammer - this looks like it HURTS!

Hangman's DDT - I'm sure this has crippled at least one person, so I doubt anyone really does it anymore



Pathetic Finishers which should never be used as a finisher:

Leg Drop - I mean, it's a LEG DROP! It's a mid-match move at most

The Worm - Don't even get me started!

People's Elbow - how boney does Rock's elbow have to be for this to be more painful than a regular elbow drop?

Clothesline from Hell - it's a clothesline, nothing more - how come JBL gets to use it as a finisher? :P

Big Boot - especially bad when the person performing it just stands there

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The cut-throat driver! Thanxx Gentleman, I was gonna add that cool Brisco finisher, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what it was called.


The Cattle Mutilation? Is that the reverse cradle suplex pin that The American Dragon uses?

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To MrFill


A few probs with your statements there, Bub. You are allowed your opinion, and I'm allowed mine, so here it is.


Stevie Richards superkick is a million times better than HBK's. In ECW Stevie almost always hit it out of nowhere, ike a superkick should be. When HBK does the stomping on the ground thing, which gets the crowd into it I admit, you can counter it just by staying down, as you can hear him setting it up.


Leg Drop: One word, Yokozuna. A legdrop is only a finisher when performed from the top/second rope or by a large man. If Hogan, Yokozuna, Earthquake, Mabel etc hit a legdrop across your face, you are not getting up.


The Worm/People's Elbow: That's the point with these moves. They aren't that deadly, the set up moves for them are. Rock Bottom/Spine buster or the bulldog Scotty uses are what do the 'damage'.


Clothesline From Hell: Would you let Bradshaw hit you with it? Didn't think so. The Lariat is a devastating move when used correctly and JBL does this. Better than Hanson IMO. That may prompt a debate though.


Big Boot: A man the size of Test running at you and planting a boot in your jaw, that's devastation.


[quote}My problem with moves like the SSP, Moonsault and the like are they're just the same impact as somebody dropping on you - if you spin in the air it adds nothing of worth to the connection with the opponent.[quote}


This is mince. When you do a move like that the revolution makes you hit the ground faster, thus hitting your opponent harder. It's simple physics.




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My old school favorite finishers....


I also forgot about my own submission finish, The Hangman's Noose. Did ya see what I did there, Hangman-Hangman's Noose, not just a pretty face. *TWO shrugs*


It is a Tazzmission-Chickenwing and it hurts like a bast. Not for me obviously but for anyone else.



1.Stone Cold Stunner-Withouth question the most lethal :worship


2.The Rock Bottom-Great finisher :xyx


3.The People's Elbow-Truly ridiculous to watch but still effective and entertaining to watch. :D


4.Spine Buster-Arn Anderson did this better than anyone.Still a great move to watch today. :worship


5.Powerbomb-Sid Vicious,Big Van Vader,and Kevin Nash were the true masters .Still a nice move to see when done right.Chris Candido and Mike Awesome did theirs from the top rope.Extra nice. :thumbsup


6.Iron Claw-The Von Erichs,Blackjack Mulligan,Barry Windham,and the masked Spoiler made this move infamous.Used to be a great move to make someone bleed.Dont see this move anymore. :eek


7.Hotshot/Stun Gun-Basically dropping someone neck first on top of a ring rope.Looks like it hurts like hell.I liked it. :xyx


8.The Doomsday Device-The LOD truly made this move famous. :worship


9.3D-If you love them damn Dudley you already know what this move was all about. :thumbsup


10.Oklahoma stampede-Basically a powerslam coming out of the corner turnbuckle.Dr.Death made this move infamous.Great finisher. :)


11.Superplex-Truly an old school move.But still effective. :P


12.Vertibreaker-I truly miss when"The Hurricane/Sugar Shane Helms" used to do this move in WCW.This move puts Christian's "Unprettier" to shame. :lol


13.Death Valley Driver-What is there not to love here? Pick a guy up in a air plane spin position and drop him on his head."Now called the Spicoli Driver in some areas." :eek


14.Brain-Buster-Pick a guy up in a suplex postion and drop him dead on his head.Ko-Ko Beware,Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin,and Dick Murdoch truly were masters of this move. :thumbsup


15.The DDT-Jake The Snake truly was the master as well as the inventor of this often used finisher.Still one of the best moves in wrestling. Raven is right behind him with it. :worship


16.Jackhammer-Nobody does it better than Goldberg. :worship


17.Spear-Goldberg does it the best.Edge has a good one.Rhyno used to do this move with such force,but after his surgery there isnt as much punch to it anymore. :xyx


18.Rude Awakening-Basically a stand-up neckbreaker.But nobody did it with such force like Ravishing Rick Rude did. :worship


19.Press slam/splash-The Ultimate Warrior truly did this combo better than anyone. :thumbsup


20.Off the top rope elbow-Shawn Michaels has perhaps the best off the top rope elbow today,but the master will always be"The Macho Man" Randay Savage.Brian Knobbs from the Nasty Boys had a decent one too. :lol


21.Belly-to-belly-suplex-Simple move to some,but when done right it can easily be lights out.Ken Shamrock,Rick & Scott Steiner,Shane Douglass,and the great Magnum T.A. were truly masters of this move. :thumbsup


22.The 450 splash-2 Cold Scorpio used to do this to perfection.A dive off of the 3rd rope with 2 flips into a body splash.Awesome move to witness. :lol


23.Sling-shot-suplex-Ahhh...Tully Blanchard used to make me proud with this move. Heavy Metal Van Hammer's wasnt bad. :xyx


24.Tombstone Piledriver-What can you say? This move rocks! The Undertaker & the Magnificent Muraco were the masters of this move. :worship


25.Flying body press-Typical offensive move,but nobody did this move better than Ricky"The Dragon"Steamboat. :worship


26.Moonsault-Great move with so many variations. The Great Muta,Shawn Michaels,Chris Jericho, and Sonjay Dutt truly executes this move to perfection. :thumbsup


27.Total Elimination-The old ECW team called"The Eliminators" used to do this double team move.A leg-larit from the front with a leg sweep from the back.Trust me once you see this move its vicious as hell. :worship


28.Big Boot-So many big men used this move,but only a chosen few could get victories with it.Test and The Barbarian were among some of the best of this move.Especially Bruiser Brody. :lol


30.The Perfect Plex-Nobody did this move better than Kurt Henning.A cradle suplex with a bridge. :worship


31.Flying forearm smash-Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels does this move well.But nobody delivered it better than Tito Santana.ARRIBA!!! :xyx


32.The Van-Daminator-Throw the guy a chair and kick it back in his face.This move was truly one of my favorites to see RVD do.Too bad the WWE wont let him do it anymore. :worship


33.Superkick-Nice move to see.Only a few in the sport were masters of the move:Gentleman Chris Adams,Shawn Michaels,Stevie Richards,and Michael Shane. :D


34.The Razor's Edge-When Scott Hall first did this move when he was"The Diamond Studd" in WCW I instantly fell in love with this move.When he became"Razor Ramon" in the WWE he perfected it.Still a nice move to see when done right. :thumbsup


35.The Russian Sickle.Before the clothesline from hell there was Nikita Koloff's Russian Sickle.And before then Stan Hansen truly hurt people with it.(Just ask Bruno Sammartino how his jaw got broken) :xyx


36.The Last Ride-Vicious variation of the powerbomb.Undertaker did it best. :thumbsup


37.Pedigree-Love the move from HHH. :)


38.The 619-No one does it better than Rey Mysterio. :worship


39.The Hurricanrana/Frankensteiner-A thing a beauty.But Scott Steiner-the originator made it a lethal finisher. :thumbsup


40.Axe kick-Booker T truly made this move infamous. :worship


41.Pile Driver-Vicious move.Nobody did it like Mr.Wonderful Paul Orndorff. :worship


42.Big Bossman Slam-Nobody hits this move like Ray Traylor.(a.k.a Big Bubba Rogers/Big Bossman) :worship


43.Stinger Splash-Great move.Nice to see Shelton Benjamin add it to his arsenel :thumbsup


45.Diamond Cutter-Before the RKO there was the Diamond Cutter from DDP.However the Diamond Cutter could be hit from anywhere.Maybe Mr.Orton needs to start doing the same.Still a kick ass move. :thumbsup


Thats about it for me....

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Most of my favoirtes already mentioned so I won't rehash them.


I always loved Arn Andersons version of the spinebuster :eek as well as his gourdbuster :dumb suplex. Both would put down just about anybody.


Savage's top rope flying elbow. :eek BAM!!! :eek What impact.

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Gringo you mentioned a reverse F-5 which you named the L-10?


This move was utilised by former UK wrestler for KSW, "The Rage" Jason Masters whose career was unfortunately cut short by a broker arm whilst performing the move. He called it the 5-F!


When did he use the move? I've used it a verison of it since Shawn O'Haire used a F-5 on people when he arrived in the WWE (he did). But I didn't name it or use it that much until Lesnar came in and made it famous.

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