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Best Intro Music


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I could'nt make a poll for this as there is too many options , some people may like the "Kane" Intro music others may like just plain normal there is soo many intro music's that its best just to post what u think , I like AJ Styles , intro music , I am I am , u r , u r , very catchy
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The Rock's all of them


Yeah, Randy Orton's entrance music has grown on me.(I even find myself doing his arrogant pose from time to time to it)


A.J. Styles entrance music is cool.Jeff Jarrett's is almost comic book villianish.But my all time wrestling music entrances are:


1.The Ultimate Warrior's :thumbsup


2.Ironman-Legion Of Doom:The RoadWarriors :xyx


3.2001-Ric Flair's old entrance music :xyx


4.Stone Cold Steve Austin's(face & heel music) :devil


5.Just about all versions of the Rock's :worship


6.The N.W.O.'s :thumbsup


7.The Undertaker's(old & the American Badass music) :eek


8.The Fabulous Freebirds :thumbsup


9.Goldberg's :D


10.HHH's :lol


11.Demolition's :worship


12.Hulk Hogan's(Real American & N.W.O.) :lol


13.RVD's(Old ECW etrance music) :thumbsup


14.Vince McMahon's(No chance in Hell)


15.Mr.Perfect's :worship


16.Eddie Guerrero's :thumbsup


17.The Million Dollar Man's :devil


18.Bret Hart's :thumbsup

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Personal faves....


AJ Styles current music, superb and really adds to his intro.

NYC's, not sure why but at the moment when that plays and I see Trinity (although I won't do now she's left) it just gets me excited.

Demolition's back in the day was magnificent

Shane Douglas - Deep Purple Perfect Strangers. That song is jsut never the same when you can't see Douglas walking to the ring.

RVD - Walk Pantera. Aewsome and fitted perfectly.

DX - The original DX tune is still perhaps my fave all time wrestling music.

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i always used to love the DX theme and would constantly hum and sing it all the time, but i was watchin unforgiven 2001 today and christians opera style intro was awesome. why have they given him that new crap? so i'd throw christians music in there aswell as my 2 faves.
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Tommy Dreamer

Sandman (More for the entrance and music)

Balls Mahony


Simon Diamond

New Jack


Spike Dudley

Triple Threat/Shane Douglas

Justin Credible





Sting (Post '96)



Booker T

Raven (I actually prefer this to his ECW tune, the shame)





Bret Hart

Austin when he was leader of the Alliance

Rock when he was corporate

HHH, now and when in DX, everybody "It's my time, my time" *HDC sings alone*

Taker as ABA and Return at SS'94

Bam Bam

Crush when he first returned


Diesel when he went bluesy

Double J


X-Factor (Kidding again)

Kane, now



Raven, the only three time nominee.



Original Mankind






Drew Galloway





DOA (Drunk ON Arrival)

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The Never Gonna Stop Edge mix rocked

Every single encarnation of DX music

Anything Saliva have ever done for the WWE

AJ Styles current theme is just damn catchy

Anything Motorhead has ever done for WWE


And its not a wrestlers theme, but the Union Underground track used for RAW is off the chain.....mostly coz UU own but ya know

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Defo all of Edges entrance musics


Triple H - both 'my time' and 'the game'


Line in the sand - Evolution

Randy Ortons new one

The hardy boyz - it just makes me wanna shake my head around like jeff did

Lita's is catcy, as is Kurt Angles

I kinda like Chris Benoits too

Break the wall down - jericho

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Time for F2K's comprehiensive Themes Brilliance Listing





Aj STykes 3rd-I am Remix with Intro

Jeff Jarrett-4th-Remix with Full intro No Bombs

Monty Brown 2nd aka Vince Russo F U System

Team Mexico-InEverything

Jeff Hardy 2nd-Alien Waltz

Hector Garza 3rd-MexicanUnstoppable

Sonjay Dutt 2nd

Michael Shane-Machine

Chris Sabin 2nd-(Hail Sabin) Modern Oz



Kevin Nash 1st

Scott Hall 1st-Marvellous Me



A-Train 1st-Sticks and Stones

Abe Knuckleball Schwartz-Ball game

Aguila 2nd-Man o War

Al Wilson

Big Show 3rd-Big

billy Kidman 1st

Billy Kidman 5th-Run

Blue Meanie-Here We Go

Booker T 2nd-Rap Sheet (Can You Dig It)

British Bulldog 3rd-I Rule Brittania

Brutus Beefcake 1st

Chris Jericho 1st

Chris Jericho 7th

Diamond Dallas Page 1st

Diesel 2nd

Eddie Guerrero 8th-Lie Cheat and Steal (Los Guerreros)

Edge 4th-On the Edge

Evolution 1st-Jim Johnston made

Evolution 3rd-Royal Entrance

Fabulous Rougeau Brothers 1st

Jake Roberts 1st

Jeff Jarrett 1st

John Cena 3rd-Insert Bass Here

La Resistance 1st-Final Force

Lance Storm 4th

Mark Jindrak 5th aka Matt Morgan 1st

Maven-Memory bY Mercy Drive

Mr Perfect 4th

Palumbo and O'Haire

Oddities by Insane Clown Posse

Randy Orton 1st-Blasting

Rhyno 2nd

Rhyno 4th (Slight Edit of 3rd)

Rockabilly 1st

Rob Van Dam 3rd-One of a Kind by breaking Point

Sean O'Haire 5th-Come On by Waterproof Blonde

Shawn Stasiak-Beatnik

Shawn Michaels 4th-Sexy Boy

Stone Cold Steve Austin 8th

Stone Cold Steve Austin 9th

Stone Cold Steve Austin 10th

Too Cool-u Look Fly 2Day

Too Cool-Turn It Up

Undertaker 22nd-Deadman

Undertaker 25th-No Mercy

Victoria 3rd-All the Things She Said by Tatu

Waylon Mercy

Kronik-Love Dump by Static X

X-Factor 2nd-Your Disease by Saliva

X-Factor 3rd-Whatchu Lookin At by Uncle Kracker

Zach Gowen 1st-Out of My Way by Seether

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Some of the theme tunes were ruined for me by Television X. A few years ago when the ad's would run to entice you to subscribe they used to use both the Hardy Boyz and Steve Blackman's theme music. I couldn't watch them entering an arena or hear their music without thinking of rumpy and laughing my head off.


Shamrock's is cool.


And I can't believe that no-one, me included remembered The Nasty Boys or The Million $ Man.


Shame on us.


Nasty Sensationnnnnnnnnns!!!!!


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Current favourites are Triple H's theme, Benoit's theme, Angle's theme (still mark out inside when that hits).


I also really loved Triple H's old music, before the Motorhead one. Austin's music was always great as well.


DAVE's theme is pretty good as well as it really suits him.

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I was watching an old tape last night and I forgot about a two great ones.



The Mountie


"I'm the Mountie, I'm handsome, I'm brave and I'm strong.

I'm the Mountie, and I enforce the law.

You can try to run, but you can never hide.

The Mountie, always gets his man."


Absolute genius!


and we can't forget the Rougeau Brothers self sung masterpiece. The Million dollar Man's theme was gold too.

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