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The other best title reigns of 2004

Evil Gringo

Best other title reign of 2004  

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  1. 1. Best other title reign of 2004

    • Samoa Joe
    • Jeff Jarrett
    • AJ Styles
    • Other....

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I'd say Samoa Joe. I don't much like ROH personally but in terms of title reign his has been the best if we're looking at the US. Jarrett and Styles were both ok but while I've enjoyed TNA as always, I haven't neccessarily thougth the title reigns this year were anythign special.
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Well I'm not to familar with CZW but I know they've Messiah and Justice Pain this year yeah?


3PW is another I'm not too hot on, hence the other...


I reckon its either Double J's, AJ and Samoa that people mainly will know as champs outside the WWE anyway.


No body vote for Japanese title reigns in other either. Just in case cos you never know. Anybody really wants one I'll post one in the Int Scene.

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probably called Ultraviolence.


I don't like CZW at all. I think it's infested with spot monkeys and guys who don't know how to work matches. There are exceptions, but for the most part I don't like their product at all. As for 3PW, again, I'm not a fan. ECW had its day, nobody will recreate what it had.

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Anything with Ruckus is a mark out fed to me :)


As for champions, I voted Jarrett, because I can't buy AJ as champion, and I don't like RoH and therefore don't give it the time of day to watch.


I voted for Jarrett as well.A.J.Styles indeed was a fine X division champion during his run this year. Petey Williams isnt bad either.

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I'm not a fan. ECW had its day, nobody will recreate what it had


I agree totally, and I hope they don't bring iot back as I feel that it will be WWE's version of ECW.


The past is the past, so I use my ECW collection, whats left of it, burgling basts, to show what once was.

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i voted Jeff Jarrett because number one, i love him. Number two AJ's reign only lasted for 5 weeks. 3-King of the Mountain, Matches against Wilcat Chris Harris, even the ladder match with Hardy all excellent from Jarrett and Ive yet to see his match with Monty Brown or my dream match that will be on iMPACT this week, Hector Garza
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