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Chris Benoits Arms

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Courtesy of observerlivechat





Chris Benoit's arms grew up in Canada idolising the Dynamite Kid's limbs. The arms only wish was to move into the world of wrestling, and soon took up training in the famous New Japan Dojo for forelimbs, and even spending some time training one-on-one with Stu Hart's famous stretching appendages.


Even with their lack of size, Benoit's arms enjoyed huge success in Japan, ECW and later on in WCW. It was at WCW where Benoit's arms managed their greatest achievement, they lifted the WCW World title above Chris Benoit's head, narrowly missing knocking himself out.


When Chris Benoit decided to jump ship to the WWF, Chris Benoit's arms found it tough to settle in. The WWF is well known for its hugely sized appendages, and the likes of Triple H quickly spread rumors about Chris Benoit's lack of reach. Bravely Chris Benoit took on his critics, and in an amazing locker room scene, Chris bent over and tied his own shoelaces. The whole locker room stood and cheered, some of the divas cried and even though it took 25 minutes, and 16 attempts Benoit had proved his arms where small but mighty. The Observerlivechat Hall of Fame is proud to have Chris Benoit's arms as its first member.



He's also taken some time out recently to appear on supermarket sweep!!


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