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MPW trip to Italy to see NJPW!


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Okay, just found out from UKFF that New Japan are doing two shows in Italy in June next year. As a result, I am very excited and will be going for sure.



I've tabbed some prices together, but they're pretty rough currently, and we don't know the ticket prices for the actual show.


Me and Sam would ofcourse be going, plus at least FOUR others. Bearing in mind a certain large Scotsman who despite not knowing about this has a reserved seat.


Flights from Luton are £36

MPV hire - 20 (Probably including fuel)

Hotel - 40

Ticket - ?


So far it is under a ton. Add a ticket (Top price 50 quid maybe?) and some spending money (Depends on you really...) and I reckon you have a weekend in Milan to see the mighty NJPW for under 200 quid.


If anyone is interested, you need to PM me as soon as possible as flights will need to be booked well in advance etc...





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