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A Glimpse of the Future


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Just a nice little article I found on the 'net just now I though you guys might be interested to read.......


Electronic Arts show off their radical plans for the next-gen consoles - more sequels!



The self-piloting hover-car is now decades behind schedule. The promised dystopian dictatorship is running 20 years late and as for those promised bubble-shaped moon colonies? Well, the closest we've got is Centre Parks.


Yes, predicting the future is a dangerous business: make one a tiny mistake and the next generation can spend the subsequent years mocking you for hoping for a better, brighter world. But there are always bold visionaries who dare to dream - and the latest to step up to the crystal ball is Warren Jensen of Electronic Arts.


This week Jensen, the chief financial officer of the software giant, went out on a limb to predict that PS3 and Xbox 2 will be able offer the most impressive, immersive and realistic gaming ever seen. (Nintendo's Revolution didn't even get a mention.) Speaking to the attentive audience at the Credit Suisse First Boston Annual Technology Conference, mystic Jensen went on to say, "Imagine the characters in a football game expressing real emotions. That's the kind of thing that's going to be possible with the next generation of technology".


Then, to prove how exciting the future is going to be, he produced the two shots that you'll find glued on to this very page. And don't they look impressive? Well, yes they do. So long as you ignore that fact that Jensen hasn't said which next-gen console they come from and you don't start to wonder why they look so much like a cutscene from any current console version of Madden or Need For Speed.


With everyone suitably wowed, the fiscal whiz went on to claim that the next generation of consoles would all work as living room-based "wireless hubs" that allow gamers to download their software and developers to add more content to games after their release. He also predicted that the move to pre-paid download cards for online gaming and even an end to traditionally packaged, shop-bought games within the next three to five years.


Then, with his work done, Jensen climbed into his personal transportation pod, swallowed a tiny 'roast lamb and all the trimmings' food pill and blasted back into the future. Or he might have gone home in a taxi. We just don't know.


Credit to Gamesradar. And heres a link to the afore mentioned pictures, t'will be interesting to hear your views.


EA Next Generation 1


EA Next Generation 2

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