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SmackDown IS Macho!


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yeah have an awesome time dude. Just make sure you fill us in on how the experience was for you. I wanna know who the crowd went wild for, who they booed to hell, who they barely batted an eyelid for, and of course, how big was the fattest Granny you came across in the arena.
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Fresh Smackdown House Show Results


Smackdown House show inJohnson City Tennessee, Dec 6th, 2004.

Just got home and writing while it’s fresh, but it’s lat and I’m tired so it may be a little ragged. I yelled so much I can barely talk. I’ll pay for it tomorrow when I have to talk for two hours. Did get lots of pictures that I will post if any turned out. My digital camera is old and not the best out there anymore. Keep fingers crossed kids.


Crowd started out very cold. My buddy Justin and I were super-marks and I’d like to think that we helped get people cheering. We would “Whoo” at every chop, ooh and aah at every high impact move, boo and cheer as hard as possible.

The refs were Charles “Lil Naitch” Robinson and Nick Patrick.

Torrie Wilson was there on t-shirt duty but didn’t wrestle. More on her later. T-shirts were $45. Forget that.

Saw the legendary Fit Finlay. He’s a road agent now.



Funaki vs Shannon Moore vs Nunzio vs Spike Dudley(W)

Good 4 way action. I couldn’t stop laughing though as Spike looks like Leonardo Decaprio with that goatee. Shannon Moore looks like he’s put in a lot of time and effort in the gym. Much bigger but I don’t think it’s steroids. He needs to rethink that Mohawk. In the end Spike snuck in to steal the win.


Haas (W) vs Jesus

Jesus sustained what I must assume was a real injury about halfway through the match. It happened right in front of me. He suddenly got this shocked look of pain on his face and went down from it. Didn’t look at all fake. Seemed to be a groin injury. He tried to cover it up by minimizing his move set but shortly thereafter Hass went for a quick pin as a favor. After the bell he was in the ring for several minutes being attended by several officials. He tried to get up once but was unable to do so.


Angle/Reigns/Jindrak vs Big Show (W)

Good handicap match. Good mic work by Angle to start the whole thing. Jindrak was looking great. Reigns is incredible. I wouldn’t face him without a gun in my hand. The guy is scary big. Good match. No blown spots. Big Show was better than I anticipated. He did a double suplex on Jindrak & Reigns.


Miss Jackie(W) vs Dawn Marie

Boring match. No one cheered. No one seemed to care. Dawn Marie looks better with dark hair. Miss Jackie is beyond phenomenally gorgeous. This chick IS the hottest thing I’ve seen in forever. She’s pretty on t.v. but in person she’s unbelievable. Now my fave Diva. Both ladies gave it their all but neither has a large arsenal or high flying moves. Jackie won with a move that at the moment I can’t name. Looked pretty good.


Kidman vs Chavo (W)

Don’t like the arrogant heel Kidman. He looks too goody-goody to pull it off. It seems too unnatural for him although he did seem to be cursing at a little old lady by ringside at the end of the match.. They had a good match. Chavo was great, getting the crowd involved.


Dupree/Suzuki(W) vs RVD/Rey Mysterio

Suzuki’s finisher on Rey Rey was awesome. He put on the claw, set up the backward trip and slammed little Rey back so hard I thought his melon had to be split open. Second best mathc of the night. No bad spots. Lots of action.

I really liked Suzuki’s little geisha. She was a complement to the match, adding subtly to the story telling and enhancing without overshadowing. Excellent job on her part. Kudos.

While they were leaving some fans beside Suzuki were talking trash. He spun on them and they shrank back and probably wet themselves. He did it again in front of this old lady and when she seemed genuinely terrified he broke kayfabe. Smiling warmly and sincerely apologizing he stroked the side of her head and I think she fell in love on the spot. He showed extreme class and compassion. I am now a fan.

RVD and Rey were the only performers to go around giving high fives and showing the fans appreciation. Rey even signed a few autographs as he walked around the ringside area. Crowd wwas really into the whole match, continuously chanting and cheering on the faces when in peril.


Eddie vs Booker vs JBL (W)

JBL was a great heel. Teddy Long came out and announced that the match was a three way for the title and JBL complained. JBL worked the mic well but overdid it in the end. Orlando Jordan helped but didn’t overdo it.

The crowd cheered both Eddie and Booker throughout the match. Crowd seemed evenly split between them.

I was so mad that Booker blew three kick spots. I have always liked him. Expected more from him. He did kick the living crap out of Jordan who got up on the apron. He played the crowd well. Eddie was so over and so good. While waiting for JBL to finally enter the ring he was sprawled out across the ropes in the corner looking relaxed and bored. Funny stuff.

Once when Eddie was going up for the Frog Splash Booker tried to sneak a cover. That ended their alliance. Up to that point they had been cleaning JBL’s clock like they were getting paid overtime. Finally Eddie hit a beautiful Frog Splash. BAM!! JBL won with help from the title belt to Booker’s head. After the match Booker said he came to Johnson City to do “IT”, (the spinaroonie), and wasn’t leaving without doing so. He kept his word.


Undertaker(W) vs Heidenreich

Heidi came out in the strait jacket. He was kinda paranoid. Then he starts licking the ring post and gingerly gnawing at the ring ropes. WTF? That guy is definitely freakin’ HUGE. Bodyslams with authority.

When UT’s music hit that place came apart like a megastar rock and roll legend had hit the scene. The whole building marked out like crazy. The man has presence. It was the old UT, focused, methodical and calculating. Glad he’s growing the hair back out.

Early on when UT was in control we all started yelling for the old school and he glanced at us briefly before doing just that. Like good little marks we squealed for several moments. .Much of the match saw UT playing face-in-peril. Heidi threw lots of punches. In the end the dead man not only hit the Last Ride but followed up with the tombstone when the crowd screamed for it with wild abandon. Although he didn’t sign autographs or shake hands he did give us exactly what we wanted. The (dark?) knight vanquished the dragon so that we could feel safe. That is one of the major reasons why he is who he is.


Side note: Two guys near us started to brawl and the cops busted it up and carted off the one who started it.


Death of a dream: Before tonight if you had asked me to name the hottest WWE Diva ever I would have said Torrie Wilson. I have always considered her to be perfect of face, form, figure and tone. Now, sadly enough, I have seen her in person and do not know how I will deal with the sad reality that she has let herself go way downhill. Her face is still mesmerizing. Her very ample bosom can still make a drooling moron out of any man. The front of her thighs are still luscious and super creamy. However, her butt has gone way out of control. It was fat, jiggly in a bad way, and was very poorly dressed in a pair of gold lamee micro-mini daisy dukes. It stuck out behind her like a passenger seat. (that’s not a good thing.) The backs of her legs are in the infant stages of cottage cheese collection. Her once super-taut abs are neither super or taut. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Thank goodness Miss Jackie was there. MAN but she is smokin’!


Have a question? You ask & I'll answer.

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What was the attendance like compared to what the arena can hold?


It was a smaller venue that you see for televised shows but they still didn't come anywhere close to packing it out. I was shocked. We only get shows like this every 4 years or so but the attendance was pathetic. Those who did show were really into it by the end.


I haven't seen such a large collection of people with rotten, horrible teeth in one place in my life.

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You haven't been to a UK house show. Packed out every time. Passport to pain (lesnar d. Taker 4 title) and Tour of Defiance (benoit d. triple h 4 title). It's great live. Nothing like starting a You Tapped Out chant of 12' date='000 people.[/quote']


I envy you the packed house and the heavy participation.


I wish that the crowd had been more into the whole show. The wrestlers try to get the crowd involved, whether it's mic work that allows for, and is intended to get, the crowd to boo or cheer or chant, etc., or when the ref asks the audience if the bad guy was holding the ropes to get more leverage on an abdominal stretch.


When the face is in peril we, the fans, are given the chance to cheer them, so that they can feel the power of our collective admiration and make the comeback. (See "Hulking Up"). It's meant to be interactive storytelling like when Peter Pan tells the audience that if they believe in fairies they should clap their hands. They do and Tinkerbell comes back to life.


When you participate you are not only able to better suspend disbelief, you are a part of the whole thing, not just a spectator. That's a large part of the appeal of going to a house show.

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