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Make your own ENGRISH

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firstly Engrish is derived from the english slogans used by other nationalities (originally japanese) that actually make little or no sense in english. A famous exa,mple is 'All your bases are belong to us' from an old SNES game i believe it was called wing zero


to make your own simply type a phrase into a program like Babelfish, translate from english to another language like japanese, then translate the result in japanese from japanese back to english and it should come out different and hopfully funnier too lol

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this is my current signature eng-jap-eng


*pre translation*

*giggles* You call that begging? You can beg better than that! Chiaki Kuriyama(Gogo yubari - kill bill)


Ayako Hamada will have my babies (i can dream can't i?)


Marriage is a human right NOT a hetrosexual privilageDon't amend


*and after*


Secretly, you laugh and you call that you have asked? It can ask well than that! Chiaki Kuriyama (yubari of Gogo - the murder do the bill) my baby who is Ayako Hamada (do I? Can' What can t I looks at dream) as for marriage is human rights, it is not

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