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Samoa Joe


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At the moment aside from his slight commitment to the NJPW Dojo in Los Angle Samoa doesn't have any outside commitments...


He does appear now and again for IWA but thats about it really. He is a very loyal and realible champ and a credit to the title. His style is the perfect one for the fed and his list of good to great matches is long. CM Punk, Homicide, The Brisco's, AJ, Paul London, Christopher Daniels, Doug Williams, Low Ki etc etc....


Thats why they keep him as champ, plus it makes the belt look more prestigous if the champ is hard to prise from the belt...


Although I reckon CM Punk is due the title in the third and final rubber match... when that happens....

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22/3/03 to now... His last defense was a second 60 minute draw of greatness on the 16th of October this year... So thats 21 months on December 22nd. Like Kenta Kobashi, he won the title in March 2003 as well...


This is Samoa's title reign so far...


Won By- Samoa Joe


Defeated- Xavier


Location- Philadelphia, PA


Date- 3/22/03



Title Defenses:


--Samoa Joe defeated Doug Williams in West Mifflin, PA on 4/26/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Zebra Kid in London, England on 5/17/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Homicide in Philadelphia, PA on 5/31/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Danny Maff in Philadelphia, PA on 6/28/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Paul London in Elizabeth, NJ on 7/19/03

--Samoa Joe defeated BJ Whitmer in Dayton, OH on 8/9/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Christopher Daniels in Philadelphia, PA on 9/20/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Ares in Bad Schwalbach, Germany on 10/3/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Jay Briscoe in Glen Burnie, MD on 10/16/03

--Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles in Framingham, MA on 11/29/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Mark Briscoe in Philadelphia, PA on 12/27/03

--Samoa Joe defeated Balls Mahoney in Woodbridge, NJ on 1/9/04

--Samoa Joe defeated BJ Whitmer, Low Ki & Dan Maff in Braintree, MA on 2/14/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Jay Briscoe in Elizabeth, NJ on 3/13/04

--Samoa Joe vs. Homicide went to a no-contest in St. Paul, MN on 4/23/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Matt Stryker in Chicago Ridge, IL on 4/24/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Homicide in Philadelphia, PA on 5/22/04

--Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk ended in a 60 minute draw in Dayton, OH on 6/12/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Shinya Makable in Los Angeles, CA on 6/26/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Homicide in Wauwatosa, WI on 7/23/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Colt Cabana in Chicago Ridge, IL on 7/24/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Trent Acid in Philadelphia, PA on 8/7/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Doug Williams in Elizabeth, NJ on 9/11/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Bryan Danielson in Philadelphia, PA on 10/2/04

--Samoa Joe defeated Rocky Romero in Dayton, OH on 10/15/04

--Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk ended in a 60 minute draw in Chicago Ridge, IL on 10/16/04

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Christ that is one huge gripe....


But Simon as far as I know he's never injured anyone in the ring... yet Owen Hart broke Austin's neck, Low Ki put Dan Maff out for two months with a legit KO and concussion, Lesnar botched a spot at NWO that caused the return of Angle's original olympic broken neck and RVD who potato'd tons of people in the first few months of his WWE stay....


He's Samoan, their by and large all fat... Go's with the genetics...


Ring attire I'll give you...


Usless? Best heavyweight to come out of the indys since the ECW alumni? A trainer for NJPW? A expert on proper US strong style? Usless?


Simon, for once we disagree.

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Anyone who thinks that Samoa Joe is useless has gotta be on a huge amount of illegal drugs!


The guy is one of the best wrestlers in North America. He is at the top of his game and is more than worthy of the ROH title. He has helped make the promotion what it is, which is one of the most well respected promotions in the entire world of wrestling. More than that though, he has established the ROH World Title as one of the 2 most sort after titles in the world of wrestling (the other being the GHC Championship in NOAH)

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Well I'll just have to put it down to personal taste then. I see nothing in the guy and think RoH would be better off with another champion. For I despise Samoa Joe :P


At least we agreed Gringo that his ring attire sucked! It does SO badly though!

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