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Missed the boat?


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Ever not realised or seen anything until its too late. Work related ot buying something or doing something etc? Tell us about it


Ive started this thread because last night i logged onto one of my other hotmail accounts I never used and I found a two week old email about a job interview and how i just needed to get back to this company for an interview. Ive done it now but I fear Ive missed the boat


Why so sad i hear you ask? Well remember the games company that brought such great games to your spectrum as Gremlins 2? Ghosts and Goblins? Scooby Doo? Thundercats and even Question of Sport? Well turns out Elite who made those games now run a succesful mobile gaming business for mobile phones. The job was for a games tester, a job im more than qualifyed to do and what is perhaps my dream job. I really felt i had a good chance but i suppose i just have to wait and see now if I get any reply from the guy.


Tell me your sob stories


PS they also made PAPERBOY

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Thanks guys, i really hope i get the job.


Playing games on mobile phones then simply writing down what i thought of them is perhaps my dream job, coupled with the fact Im living my dream and training to be a wrestler if i get this job all i need then is a good woman . I'd be made

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