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I have many original WWF/WWE videos for sale as my private cell here at Midlands Asylum is somewhat full. These are not copies, they are all first edition relaease on Pal Vhs. If you want them as Crimbo pres for loved ones or even as a standing platform for Jett Black. Email me, PM me or call me!!




£3.00 Videos


A Year in Review 92

A Year in Review 93

A Year in Review 94

A Year in Review 95

A Year in Review 96

Most amazing Matches

Slammy Awards 97

Big Daddy Cool Diesel

Confirmed Hits

Andre the Giant : Larger than Life

Cause Stone Cold Says So

Greatest Hits

Wrestlings Greatest Champions

Eve of Destruction

Sable Unleashed

Wrestling Superheroes

The best of Saturdays nights main event.

WWF Fan Favourates


Bret the hitman Hart

WWF Mania the video

Best of Hulkamania

Hulk Hogan – Real American

Razor Ramon

Tables Ladders and Chairs

Mayhem in Manchester

Hulkamania forever

WWF’s Funniest Moments

Jessie the Body Veuntura

Wrestling superheroes in action

Rock – Know your Role



£4.00 Videos


Wrestlemania I

The History of Summer Slam

World Tour 91

World Tour 92

UK Fan Favourates 93

UK Fan Favourates 95

UK Rampage 92

UK Rampage 93

US Rampage 92

Supertape 1

Supertape 2

Supertape 3

Supertape 4

Supertape 92

Battle of the Superstars

2nd Battle of the Superstars

Battle of the Superstars 92

Wrestlefest 88

Wrestlefest 90

Wrestlefest 92

Wrestlefest 93

Invasion 1992

Monday Night Raw Prime Cuts

Hottest Matches

Invasion Of the Body Slammers

Wrestling Grudge Matches

Bashed in the USA

Hits from the Crypt

Inside the WWF

Wham Bam Body Slam

Brawl in the Family

Grudges Grunts and Gripes

Mega Matches

Mega Matches 95

Bret Hart 2




£5.00 Videos


In your House

In your House 2

In your House 3

In your House 4

In your House 6

In your House 7 : Good Friends, Better Enemies!

In your House 10: Mind Games

In your House 11: Buried Alive

In your House 13: Final Four

In your House 19: Degeneration X

In your House Fully Loaded 98

In your House Fully Loaded 99

In your House Judgement Day

In your House St Valentines Day Massacre

No Mercy


No Way Out 2000

No Way Out 2001

Armegeddon 2000

Royal Rumble 92

Royal Rumble 93

Royal Rumble 96

Royal Rumble 97

Royal Rumble 99

King of the Ring 93

King of the Ring 95

King of the Ring 98 : (undertaker/foley Hell in a Cell)

King of the Ring 99

Wrestlemania IV

Wrestlemania X

Wrestle Mania XI

Wrestlemania XII

Summer Slam 92

Summer Slam 96

Summer Slam 98

The 3rd Survivor Series

The 4th Survivor Series

The 5th Survivor Series

The 6th Survivor Series

Survivor Series 95

Survivor Series 97 : Gang Rules (Bret Screwjob)


Email madmikempw@hotmail.com

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Could I please have:


Armaggedon 2000

No Way Out 2001

Fully Loaded 1999

IYH Judgement Day (1998 Undertaker vs Kane I take it?)

No Mercy (as long as its the NON UK 1999 one (Austin v HHH No Holds Barred))

Unforgiven (as long as its 1999 (6-Pack Challenge))


And I think I'll have to take the Sunny one off you too...


And how about the Hammerlock DVD from Hertford in 2003?

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I had a site that would've been great, just so happens that it's bloomin' shut down.


Survivor Series 97:


Billy Gunn, Jesse James, Henry & Phineas Godwinn Vs The Haedbangers & The New Blackjacks


The Truth Commission Vs The Disciples of Apocalypse


Davey Smith, Jim Niedhart, Phil Lafon, & Doug Furnas (Team Canada) Vs Vader, Goldust, Marc Mero, & Steve Blackman (Team USA)


Kane Vs Mankind (The lights are out for this match i think)


The Legion of Doom, Ahmed Johnson, & Ken Shamrock Vs The Nation of Domination


Steve Austin Vs Owen Hart


Bret Hart Vs Shawn Michaels

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hey...which ppv did christian debut at? winning the light heavyweight belt in the process... if nobodys "bagsied" already' date='i'll take that one please.[/quote']


If someone has already taken it then you can borrow my copy if you want :)


~Cherry, xxx

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