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What do you love (or loathe) about Christmas?

Evil Gringo

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Well it is now offically Advent and their is but 20 short days to go to the birthday of Mr JC himself, Jesus Christ.


It's supposed to be a special time of year, so what do you love about it.


Its also a bloody awful time for some others, so what makes you dread it, hate it maybe even fear it?


I love christmas because my whole family comes together and enjoys itself (for about 3 hours until the first insult is thrown lol) and we all remember that we all love each other instead of insulting, fighting and hating each other as all familys do the majority of the year.


I also enjoy the anticipation of what it brings... Days of work, presents, and pf course beer. But thats because I am a lazy beer drinking 19 year old...


I hate some things about christmas though. I hate the fact I've never had a proper white one, the fact that I'm skint for about week before till a week after, that there is always one present you don't like and you always buy at least one person the present they don't like (despite asking for it). I hate the repeats on TV, crap jokes in crackers and the fact there is always one relative that annoys the crap outta you!


But these days I love christmas because ot makes my mum happy and also the looks on my nieces and nephews face in morning, like it is truely magical. Thats why I love christmas.

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I love the trip to Wolverhampton to do somelast minute shopping on Chrimbo Eve

Getting the tree from the forresty at Cannock Chase. Always a nice cold night, dark, but a nice burger and cup of tea does the trick



Things I loathe

Not getting any christmas cards

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I loathe the amount I have to spend

Cooking Christmas Dinner

Last minute giftwrapping (my own fault admittedly)

Decorations falling down the day after I put them up lol

Washing up after christmas dinner!


Now what do I like?

Looks on the faces as they unwrap their gifts

Eating whatever I like without worrying about diets

Getting p*ssed

Pulling crackers and wearing paper hats :xyx

Christmas songs


Only Fools and Horses lol

and boxing day for the footie :)

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Getting the tree this saturday going to bed on chrimbo eve at like 10 pm then waking up at 2 or 3 am and watching cartoons ( im a big kid really) untill 5 am when I force the parents out of bed

opening the presents then watching christmas morning tv is great then going to see the lovely family of mine

eating shit loads of food

I shit you not Christmas 2000 I ate 15 turkey sandwiches after a christmas dinner ( bad stomach the next day)


the only day my parents will let me drink a lot.


I loathe


when it finishes

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Going to bed Christmas Eve is cool --- getting excited about stuff --- which unfortunatley gets less and less as you get older
only if you let it. I'm just the same now at Christmas as I was when I was 5. I can't sleep Christmas night, I'm out of bed trying to wake everyone up at about 4am, I desperately try to give them all the presents I got them before we've even had breakfast. I love Christmas and everyrthing about it.


The only thing I don't like about it is the waiting for it (although I'm sure that's a big part of making it so special). Christmas is hugely significant to me. It's the time I feel most like a child again, it's the time I feel closest to my family, and it's the time that reminds me almost more than any other time (the exception being Easter) of the wonderful life of my buddy Jesus Christ.


Christmas is tha shiznit and I love it to bits.

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What I dont like:


My pile gets smaller every year (which maybe a good thing, except Im talking about presents)

The irony that sinks in as I realise Im getting free things for a religious holiday, when Im about as christian as Apu from the Simpsons.

The ever present guilt that you try to put off, only to have Bono scream at you from the TV.

My younger siblings waking me up at 2 o clock. When i went to bed at half one.

The sad fact that I no longer care. It just doesn't excite me anymore. Just give me my laptop and satsuma so I can go back to bed.



What I do like:

The smaller present pile results in the remaining gifts increasing in value.

Enough chocoate and wine gums to sink a battleship

free clothes

free clothes

novelty tv. Horrah for rubbish Only Fools and Horses specials!

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I don't like:

Taking the Christ out of Christmas :hbday Jesus

Snow and or cold weather :bawl

Drunk drivers :tdown


What I like:

Reading the christmas story with family

Eating lots and lots of MEAT

Christmas carols :music1


Family getting together


Buying things for my mom, wife & son :present


Sleeping in the next day while I digest all the meat I've devoured :sleep

Leftover turkey

Oh... and presents :biggringi

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Bad things:

* Music in shops: First of all every shop I go seems to play the same Christmas music, after a while it gets annoying.

* Last minute present buying - people running around like headless chickens, getting in everybody else’s way.


Good things:

* Drinking - Christmas is the only time of the year that I drink a lot.

* Wrapping Presents - For some reason I actually enjoy it.

* My market stall is really busy at this time of the year.

* We get food in at Christmas that we do not have any other time of the year, i.e. double chocolate gateaux.

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Bad things:

* Music in shops: First of all every shop I go seems to play the same Christmas music, after a while it gets annoying.

You wanna try Toys R Us. Its 24/7 of R-E-S-P-E-C-T which is extremely annoying. Bring back Cliff


Good things

Presents, Christmas Eve, Queens speech, Films on TV, all family being together, snow, Chirtmas songs and buying presents for family


Bad things


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Don't like:


Present shopping. Drives me batty and I never ever have a Christmas when me and hubby aren't glaring at each other on the way to Milton Keynes/Oxford on Christmas Eve to get all the things I promised I'd buy in October.


Do like:


Everything else! My parents-in-law open up the dining room and have the whole family round on Christmas Day, presents are opened in the morning so that all the kids can have fun while we eat, drink and make merry til the early hours! Boxing Day; Craig, his dad and brother go to footie, then mother-, father-, brother- and sister in law come round here for a hot buffet and to get waited on as thanks for the day before, we all normally have huge hangovers, so it's a bit of a lazy affair!

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