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Armageddon In The UK


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well I get them all free, I download them off this program :D


if u want the name, just ask me in a PM coz it's really good, and they also get put on DVD's for me :D


and I get RAW early, I download it and see it on Tuesday (next year will be live so that will be normal then) and other stuff.. like PC games etc :)

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I take it that was directed at me Mr Knoxvill (if that is your real name)?


So your telling me that you would rather pay for an inferior ppv then get it for free? Legally free?


Mad I tells thee..


As for the RoH jibe, well yeah I watch RoH, I watch all wrestling and do you know why? Because it beats being a small minded bitter mark like you who yet again insults people for their opinion...


I know you love the WWE/F and for better or worse so do I. But I'd rather they repay our love with a worthwill card on a true ppv rather then expect my money.


Thats why I get it for free online, not because I watch RoH.

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Sentana Sport?

Forget it, I'm not parting with a hard earned 15 quid to watch another WWE Pay Per View.

I'm guessing Royal Rumble will be on the same channel too. I'l pay for that, i'm usually not interested in Armegeddon. Not for the past 2 years anyway.

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No Gringo im not bitter or small minded I will ocasionally watch Japan stuff but it dont interest me maybe if they got some english commentators would help My post was directed at people who always diss the WWE not just you


Well the thing about the commentators is that its in Japan, and I can make out the westlers and move names so its fine by me...


As for people that diss the WWE, well let em. We put our money in it (I still do in little ways like T-Shirts etc) and as costumers have the right to complain when it doesn't meet are standards....


When the standards are the greatness that was Mid 1996-Mid 2001 then they have alot to live up to.

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