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*** Official Smackdown Thread - 9th December 2004 ***


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DEC. 9, 2004


Armageddon will be just three days away when SmackDown! comes to Greenville, South Carolina this week.


Will WWE Champion JBL and his evolving cabinet continue to dominate the program, or will Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero and Booker T finally get on the same page prior to the Fatal Four Way Match scheduled for Atlanta on Dec. 12 on ppv.


Meanwhile, sick and tired of watching husband Kenzo Suzuki stare down Torrie Wilson, Hiroko has asked for a Bra & Panties Match against the lovely Torrie, and that’s set for this week.


Plus, the $1,000,000 Tough Enough will be paired down to the final two contestants. Who will go home?


Also, will someone finally challenge Kurt Angle during his Invitational Tour? Plus, will Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie be able to keep their hands of each other before Armageddon?

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Average Smackdown this week.


What was the point giving RVD and Mysterio the belts on a Smackdown when there PPV is in the same week? :?


Loved the Eddie and Booker T skits.


The main event was ok, but dont really like tag/handicap tag main events.


Not much else of note really.


Also my 2 predicitons for things to happen this week:


1) The finish of the Dawn Marie/Miss Jackie match will be the exact same as Jeff vs Matt at Vengeance 2001 when Lita missed Matt's foot on the rope, Charlie Haas will miss Miss Jackie's foot on the rope.

2) Rene Dupree will be released after Armageddon.


Remember you heard it here first :D

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okay despite my objection to playboy et al, who else think hiroko has a nice bod on her under the kimono and how funny was her reaction when she 'realised' she had ended up on the stage? also anyone have pics of ther minus the makeup... it looked kinda odd, her brown skin with a bright white face
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