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Jayden's Poem of the Day - "When Statesmen gravely say"


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"When Statesmen gravely say"


When statesmen gravely say "We must be realistic".

The chances are they're weak and, therefore, pacifistic.

But when they speak of Principles, look out: perhaps

Their generals are already poring over maps.



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I'm a fan of the Romantic era of poetry. More the Lord 'incest sicko' Byron.


She walks in beauty like the night,

Of clouldless climes and stary skies

And all thats best of dark and light

meet in her aspect, and her eyes.

Thus mellowed to that tender light,

which Heaven to gaudy day denies.



Not bad from memory eh!

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As an English student Im officially loving this thread. High time for some Shakespeare me thinks. I like this one, probably because it's not your average soppy love sonnet. It kinda takes the p*ss out of them actually.


My Mistress eyes are nothing like the sunne,

Currall is farre more red, than her lips red,

If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun:

If haires be wiers, black wiers grow on her head:

I have seen Roses damaskt, red and white,

But no such Roses I see in her cheekses,

And in some perfumes is there more delight,

Then in the breath that from my Mistres reekes.

I love to heare her speake, yet well I know,

That Musicke hath a farre more pleasing sound:

I graunt I never saw a goddesse goe,

My Mistres when shee walkes treads on the gtound.

And yet by heaven I thinke my love as rare,

As any she beli'd with false compare

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