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S Club 7 singer quits


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S Club 7 singer Paul Cattermole is quitting the group for a solo career, but the rest of the group are to carry on.


His departure comes as the rest of the band resigned their deal with both their management company and record label, which will make each of the members a millionaire.


Cattermole was keen to move into different styles of music and did not want to sign up for the next few years. However the departure is amicable, a band spokeswoman said.


The oldest member of the group at 25, he will continue to remain close to them as he dates fellow member Hannah Spearitt.


The band will carry on under the name S Club and he will remain with them for the next few months to work on their fourth TV series.


He will also perform at the Queen's Golden Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace in June.


Cattermole has been with the band - put together by former Spice girls manager Simon Fuller - for four years.


They have chalked up four number ones and each of their first eight singles made it into the top three of the UK chart.


Cattermole said: "I've had some of the best times of my life over the past four years with S Club and I'd like to thank all my fans for that and also the other six guys.


"It will be a sad day for all of us when I leave and I'll really miss not being with them every day - they are my best mates. I've reached a point in my life where I'd like to experiment in different types of music as a solo artist. I love S Club to bits and I know they'll continue to be hugely successful. I'll be watching them every step of the way and wish them all the best."

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Originally posted by Chyna

S Club 7 singer Paul Cattermole is quitting the group for a solo career"

yes, ding dong the which is dead... he barbecued his desires... what happened to his singing Career he flushed it down the bargin bin and round and round it went (x3)...maybe i should be a singer

but the rest of the group are to carry on.


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Guest Dean Douglas
So some manufactured popstar leaves his manufactured band to be a pretentious...er, sorry, "explore" other styles of music and everyone is reporting it yet the retirement of Deep Purple keyboard maestro Jon Lord gets no attention. Shows where musical priorities lie now, tut tut. :mad
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Guest Thundara

I read in The Sun today that he was planning to begin a....a.......a......I can't say it......a........NU-METAL BAND!!!!!!!!


Paul Cattermole is about as metal-ly influenced as my grandmother's cooking on a Sunday.


Expect his "cool" new band to influence another 15 "manufactured" metal bands............best friends with Fred Durst........of course they play their own instruments.............bla bla bla............


If he gets on Kerrang!, I'll buy a Fender. :(

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