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MPW End of year awards


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This year's official end of year awards will be hosted graciously by our favourite drinking establishment, Tam O'Shanter Burns club on Saturday 18th December at 7pm. As usual, there will be prizegiving, thankyous and general fun to be had by all. There will be a large selection of UK wrestling videos from Hammerlock, MPW, and SWA.


SWA will also be in attendance for their very own awards.


The night will be hosted by GC Mac and (hopefully) Mark Howard.


Remember there is a Formule1 300 yards away, but book in as the Scottish lads have most the rooms currently!


The awards ceremony is open to all MPW talent, staff and hanger ons :)


Please spread the word and lets look forward to another great night to round of another great year!



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The awards ceremony is open to all MPW talent, staff and hanger ons :)Majik

*Wonders if as he is training, whether he counts as a 'hanger on'....*




Actually, to tell you the truth, I don't have a clue where Tam O'Shanter Burns club is lol :lol

- Matt

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Questions for Majik


If I can be so bold as to ask oh mighty master of the 'Spellbinder', I have these questions


1. What MPW awards are to be presented?


2. Who is deciding the awards?


3. Who do I have to bribe? :lol


cheers dude


shoes rules :thumbsup

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Well, to tell you the truth, I've thought about it and decided that for now, I'll have to put my training on hold (too much coursework etc. to do), but I'll still keep coming to the shows :D


So due to that, I'll be unable to come to the awards do anyway - but post the results here ok? :P

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Alas, I shall not be in attendance. The good lady Digby has insisted that as I was away last weekend, and she missed me tremendously, that I spend some quality time at home with her in this festive season.


Or, more accurately, "You can bollocks. I'm going with the girls from work. You're on babysitting duty".

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From memory:

For helping out and stuff: John Bull and Tommy Gunn

Trainee of the year: Stiro

Acheivement award: Samurai

Face of the Year: Nero

Heel of the year: Jetta

Match of the year: Danny Oxman v Devilman/Danny Oxman v Psycho Steve (blindfold match)

Most injured: Mad Mike

Best goatee: Psycho Steve

Biggest wuss: Majik

Superstar of the year: Chris Charizma.


Huge congrats to all the winners, mad props (as I believe all the 'cool kids' (and Tazz) would say) to Jekkel and the Tam o' Shanter for hosting everything, and merry Christmas one and all.

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Thanks to everyone who organised and presented what was a great night and also thanks to the Tam O' Shanter club for hosting the awards. Thanks to everyone who came along, it was great catching up with y'all and for those of you who didn't make it, i'll see you next year.


I greatly appreciate having received the MPW trainee of the year 2004, so thank you for that and also thanks to Majik and Steve, as what they said about me meant so much.


Thanks again to Majik and Steve, as you've been great trainers and friends, passing all you know on to me. My parents, as without them Stiro wouldn't exist. Everyone at MPW for making it such a great environment to be around and to everyone i've ever worked with, it's been a pleasure.


Well done all for making 2004 a great year, however i'm sure we can top it next year.



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After this memorable weekend of celebration, alchohol and mass mutual loving, oh and what was and is possibly the best pizza I have consumed this month, my thanks and much apreciation goes towards everyone who put the night together, everyone who attended and especially to a certain someone who has helped the Stirling contingent of the group get some free wrestling DVD's.


Seriously, it was awesome to be back in Coventry once again to see some familier faces outside of a sports hall, talk to some people I hadn't seen since my first trip ten months ago and to meet some new people who were particularly awesome. Especially the fan boy.


Thankx to all in MPW for making the night great. :thumbsup :worship





[postscript; next year... Glasgow ;) ]

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Awsome night all round, even the hour walk around Coventery ay 4am as I was lost with 3 other heels.


A very drunken night and a lot of cash missing(I presume it went on drink,lol) I wish I was still there, some very great moments, and the awards was awsome.


Congrats to everyone espcially Charizma, he deffinetly deserved it.


Great to talk to the likes of Stiro,Chris Stone and Fan Boy who we don't see up at Scotland, also a nice surprise to see 3CW and Furious Rage turning up.


Glasgow.....a must for next year


Remember though, our next encounter may not be as pleasent


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thank you amence and micken, it was a pleasure to consume copious amounts oof alcohol and the worst karoke was mine and maj's rendition of ace of spades, *hangs head in shame*.


micken hope you enjoyed watever you got from the burger van afterwrds.

amence, im not weird i just have some normality issues. :devil


maj, no need to apologise it was fun, as bad as it was :thumbsup

the best karoke was the contribution from Phil Fury :thumbsup

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Wow sound like a Great Night sorry i was not there


i see the awards are on the web site Well done everyone who won and HAHAHAHA to those that did not , "Only Joking"


And i see Fanboy have another FANZINE Issue 2 Nice

top marks Fanboy keep up with the site its wicked sir,,, must take you ages to do.

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