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NJPW Radical Fights

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Okay, so most of it is heavily biased towards Inoki and his abysmal strong style matches vs Kick boxers etc etc...but it has a few gems...


Hulk Hogan, when he could work.


Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid


Dynamite Kid vs Davey Boy - cracking finish


Vader with the erm what looks like Gridiron shoulder pads with a Vader mask ontop...oh and he hits Hansen with a dropkick.


Chosyu's army


Lyger in his original mask


Chris Benoit as a towel boy...at least I think it was him, you only get a brief glimpse.


Andre the Giant vs Inoki was a joke


The introduction of exploder suplexes and the selling of them


Moves, which nowadays are exposed to hell and back, still being finishers


I've only watched tape 1 so far though, most surreal moment is Inoki vs Chosyu (I think, may have been Masa Saito) on an Island.

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