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Attack of the Weetabix!


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Look at that top picture. Watch out kid, he could be a cereal killer...


Did you see what I did there, "cereal" killer... yeah? Cereal killer. Cereal, see? Not serial, but cereal...



Breakfast cereal has gone mad!

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Nice one Maxx......Weetabix rule!!!!!


Edit: ok im not making this up Maxx I found this on a japanese website


Domo is a strange creature born from an egg. One day he fell into usajii's house, the old rabbit loves T.V. After that he bagan to love watching T.V. He is gentle and strong. When he is in a bad mood, he breaks wind.


Favourite food

Seasoned beef with potatoes


Disliked food

Apple (There seems a deep mystery in his DNA)


Favourite talent

Max and The guitar wolf


So you're his favourite talent then Maxx :lol

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