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Sleigh bells ring…


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...are you listening,


Hey, its that time again. 'Tis the season to be jolly but more importantly its the season for the Christmas album. You know, the one your mum buys called "The Greatest Christmas Album in the World...EVER 3". And then plays it in the week leading up to Christmas Day.


So what I'd like to know TWOites is...what is your favourite Christmas song?

Traditional/modern whatever. You can even have Don't Let The Bells End :P


For me, my favourite Christmas song is Driving Home for Christmas

You can't beat it.


I remember last year on TV, this guy made his own video for that song and he was just driving his crap box car and looking all merry, cruising round the snowy country sides. Then he drove past this man and splashed him with a puddle, I'm laughing here by the way, and this guys angry because he's now freezing cold AND soaking wet. But the driver just gives him a wave in the rear view with a big cheesy smile and continues drving home for christmas. :lol It had me in stitches. Maybe you just had to see it.


So anyway, favourite Christmas song!...

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