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Best internet mates


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Guest Thundara

How can you honestly say you've made friends on the internet? The only dimension you can base your friendship on is their grammer abilities!


Fair enough, if you've met them that's a different story, but if you count people you converse with through a screen and keyboard friends, you should really go out more!


No offence Chyna, but I'm watching a generation of technology-obsessed adolescents loosing the ability to open the front door and move outside! Damn you internet! :(

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Couldn't disagree with you more Mr Thundara.


Could you be friends with someone you've only talker to over the phone? What about penpals?


Of course you can make friends on here, and you don't have to meet them. They can share in your good times, help you through your bad times, share your emotions.


Sure there are only three or four people I talk to on the Internet who I would consider real friends, but I really don't see what's wrong with that?

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I think the internet has spawned a whole new sense of dependancy and even a way of gauging who is or isn't a friend...


I'm adamant (ridicule is nothing to be scared of) that you don't know someone and cannot know someone until you have met them. Sure, they share this that and the other thing but it's not until you actually meet that it becomes a fully realised shared experience.


Being a St.Mirren supporter I've known many people online and then met them in the outside world...won't say real life, as the internet is still real. I've gained many friends and it's even led to getting to know people who I had lost touch with around the age of 18.


As far as getting to know pen pals, that is utter drivel as you spend a few letters on basics then you gush out every little detail about yourself and think that, suddenly, you've met your soul mate (which can mean a lover or just that one friend who knows you so well).


What you do have online, though, is people who you feel you get along with and that would make it easier when you do finally meet...if you ever do...as you at least know a few facets of that person's personality. You also have people online, who if you saw them in a pub etc, you'd point at and have a laugh with your mates. God forbid I meet someone in a pub who says "Have you seen Kirsty, well well have you huh huh huh have you seen her?" Oh and the "ASL" mob, meeting them really worries me. You'd, literally, have to hold me back...and believe me, I NEVER get into a fight.


Christ, I've even been to internet parties....yeah, I know I know....sad, lifeless [Edited] (if I can say that) who suddenly have friends and NEVER tell you stories about this or that mate as they only know the people at the party.


Of course, I've met people from TWO chat etc through the SCW wrestling and never had a problem with anyone...always given my time, always been pretty damned amiable. But, on the other hand, I'll have some of the most raging arguments with my best mates because we're quite an intelligent bunch and have our own strong views about things..."you wanting a pint or not?" replaces "Hey, I've got opinions too you know!"


You know you can not say that Tsu...

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Whatever anyone continues to say on this thread I have two or three people from the internet who are my friends, real friends.


I've known them for years now, and shared more with them than many of the people I physically see every day.


You can only really comment on whether you can make friends on here, not whether somebody else can.

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I probably speak to around 50 people regularly on the internet whether its by the TWO chat or MSN or other various chat facilities that i use and although i consider them to be friends i honestly think if i met them all there would be maybe 3 or 4 of them at most that i would become good mates with.


The advantage of the internet is that people are not judged by there age or there looks or even there ethnic background, you can have a decent inteligent conversation on the internet with someone who if u saw them on the street you would not think twice about of course unfortunatly some people use the anonimity of the inernet to generally act like idiots and abuse other people constantly but luckily these people are far outweighed by the amount of friendly open people you can meet.


I enjoy chatting on the interent but i class people on the net as people i know rather than friends except for a select few as i said earlier


:xyx :xyx :xyx :xyx

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Guest Thundara

Answer this honestly.....


Could you (honestly) tell one of your real, "fleshy" friends, who know nothing about what you do or where you go on the internet, and say "Yes, I do have friends on the internet, although I've never met them"?


Tsu is right regarding

"What you do have online, though, is people who you feel you get along with........". You connect to certain people with the qualities you look for in real friends; humour, music tastes, whatever.


I don't despise the internet, hell, it's opened my eyes to a lot of new things such as music, literature, art.......

I've also managed to keep in touch with friends who left home to attend uni many miles away.

I just get a little concerned that people these days take the 'net farrrrrrrrr to seriously.


I think there was a Sliders' episode about this......

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lets see [reads "suck up" list] the following peeps are my best mates

lita's daughter [er...why!]

all the moderators [sorry i forgot you names...except for Kam's (for some reason)]

Jayden [can never do a one word / sentence post]

Dreamer [he's like me...which ain't a good thing for him]

Seabass [you rule dude:D]

TsuMirren [keeping the scottish wrestling dream alive]

Any female aged 15-17 [sigh!]

Jerhicoholic [cause he likes Jericho and Blur]

Okatu (of gameplay fame) [a smart ass you can like...somehow]


outside of TWO

Linz (...man i gotta reply to her)

Miakela (...i will vist you someday)

DR Pepper (steve...keep the peace dude)

Herm (...well she loves computers and she did set me up with her sis :xyx)

Gurperta (she's cool and stuff)

Honey comb dee (she met jackie chan- nuff said)


sorry for boring you but.... well i felt like it so....what no sticking tounge emoticion... :(

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Guest Alliance Mark

Im sure this will piss some folk off but ............. INTERNET FRIENDS?




Honestly, I wouldn't give a [EDITED]if any of you died. My real "fleshy" friends however, I might be arsed about.


No Swearing!

Edited by Russ
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