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Ooooh guys!!!!!!!! Thankyou, that's so lovely!!!!!:) :) :) :)

Here's to many more!!! (I don't know how to add things, so you'll have to imagine a glass being raised;))


the world's first bright pink sunflower


That looks really strange under my name, 34! Ok, this sounds daft, but I'm smiling like a loon at the mo, thanks guys :)

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Well peeps, what can I say?

I got up this morning looking forward to a dinner party this evening, usual b'day happiness, logged in here and got a really lovely surprise! Thankyou!! Started feeling a bit ill (those of you in the chatroom the other night will know that my hubby took me to Paris this weekend and spent the whole time throwing up, bless him), by 10 o'clock the dinner party had been cancelled and I was back in bed feeling like s***, have just got up and was feeling really sorry for myself, logged in again and saw all these messages, Spirit, RG, Alan, A.C., JamesFelton, Jack, peoples eyebrow, F2K Fletcher, Davros, darkstar, Cripp, Dra, Devilish Angel, Maxx, Nic, Draven Cage and Dan, thanks for turning a bad day into a good day!



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