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WWE Releases Royal Rumble & New Years Revolution Logos


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Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending along the following information:


-Forgot to mention to you (until now), that on the TSN Feed of Raw on Monday Night, they were running promos for the House show the night prior in Barrie...


Just another marketing screwup for those keeping points...




WWE Canada has announced that they are looking for 'WWE Underground Campus Ambassadors'. WWE is recruting these volunteer postions and ambassadors for their College or University will recieve $500 (CDN) upon completion of a set

list of tasks and criteria. These tasks will all be related to the overall goal of creating excitement and increasing awareness of the WWE brand on campus.


Furthermore, Ambassadors will be judged based on their performance and the winner will get $5000 tution from WWE as well as an internship at WWE Canada for either Marketing, PR or Sales.


To Apply, canadians must create a video, essay, prompsoal or creative sample to tell WWE their plan to increase awareness of WWE in the school and skill possesed by the student to achieve the plan. They are looking for creativity and orgininality.


Applications are due at WWE Canada HQ by December 7, 2004


-WWE has released two new logo posters to promote their upcoming January pay per views: Royal Rumble & New Years Revolution. The New Years Revolution is a black background with a large Orange Dragon (which again indicates the event could be centered around Batista) along with the text for New Years Revolution and the WWE logo incorporated into that.


The Royal Rumble logo is also on a black background with a red stripe and the text WWE Royal Rumble. The poster also contains the logos of both Smackdown! & Raw and it is accompanied with the following preview:


The biggest Superstars of RAW and SmackDown! clash at Royal Rumble to determine who will go to WrestleMania 21 as the Heavyweight contender. The Road to WrestleMania begins as RAW and SmackDown! present WWE Royal Rumble.

From: backstagewrestling.com
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