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Who is the current best "Main Champ" on RAW and SD!


Who is a better "Main Champ" with the 2 Shows together?  

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  1. 1. Who is a better "Main Champ" with the 2 Shows together?

    • John "Bradshaw" Layfield
    • Triple H

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HHH sucks. Everything about him sucks. His promos are dire, his matches are completely crap, he is the worst thing to happen to wrestling EVER. He is unwanted, disliked and over pushed. Screw HHH, JBL makes a much better champion than HHH ever could. HHH is the worst WWF World champion since Bret Hart.
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He isn't good enough yet


The funniest thing about that comment? The guy is nearly 40 lol!


But to be fair if your gonna have a heel champ you want one who you hate and dispise and raises your heat by just claiming the victory. HHH tried that in 2002-03 and it got boring because there wasn't much actual wrestling going on.


But JBL on the other hand has done it to a very entertaining level and his bloodbaths against Eddie were better then I expected. Just a shame he ran into Taker and his Deadman gimmick and polictics which made him look weak.


But the way I judge my champ is entertainment, both in matches and otherwise. HHH wins that at the mo simply cos he is facing better in ring talents and is IMO for all the stick I give him, a better wrestler. But Bradshaw has been far more enjoyable in carring the promo segments and hasn't been that bad in the ring so he wins.

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lol spike is pretty much my choice for worse possible CW champ apart maybe for big show LOL i'd rather see one of the juniors with the title


*thats rey or chavo if you haven't figured it out*


As for the champs i think JBL is better he is more entertaining and less stale as champ compared to HHH who seems to have been champ on and off for like 2 years... well actually thats because he HAS. HH needs to drop and move on asap

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