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Matches for Wrestlemania 21


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OK, what matches do you want to see on Mania 21, or which matches do you *think* will be.. here are some of my wishes or predictions.


Orton vs Triple H - Pretty much set in stone already, I will be surprised if WWE surprises me and does another main event than this. The whole 'you can't challenge me' screwjob with Flair just tells us that this is the only way Orton can earn a title shot. Just like last year when Heyman told Benoit that he would never get another title shot.


Undertaker & Kane vs Heidenreich & Snitsky

We got a little preview on Survivor Series when Heidenreich and Snitsky met. Even if these four are not the best in-ring workers, I would love this match to happen.


HBK vs Angle

One of the dream matches that has never happened on WWE. I don't know how they would set this up, and it would perhaps make more sense to have an Edge vs HBK match. It all depends on how long HBK is injured I think. If he's only returning shortly before Mania, it would make sense for him to take out his aggression on the man who cost him the title at Taboo Tuesday (Edge). If he returns earlier, he could conceivably start an interbrand feud with Angle, perhaps something will happen at Rumble.


Kidman vs London - Battle of the Shooting Star Presses

We've seen this match and feud before, but I really think they should push London with the SSP, not Kidman. Kidman's version is dangerous, while London is a pure artist. They could have a match that had to be decided with an SSP. London wins.


Lingerie Battle Royal

just kidding... :)

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Lingerie Battle Royal just kidding... :)


Darn, the one match I was looking forward too ;) ..........oh, and none of this through the ropes rubbish either. Over the top or not at all. :thumbsup :worship :thumbsup


On a serious note, Orton vs HHH is a given I would think.


Batista vs Benjamin for I-C title with Big Dave getting the strap


Edge vs Jericho would be a good match for me.


La Resistance winning back the Tag Titles from Eugene and Regal.


JBL vs Cena for the WWE Title


RVD vs CCC for U.S. Title


These are just my opinion in addition to the ones in Trellian's post

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Orton vs Triple H

Undertaker & Kane vs Heidenreich & Snitsky

HBK vs Edge vs Benoit

Cena vs Carlito

JBL vs Booker T

Batista vs whoever IC champ is at that time

Trish vs Lita (Yes, it will still be dragging on in April, I'm sure)

Eddie vs Angle


All guesses of course, who knows what will actually take place over the course of the next 4+ months.

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Pretty much similar, but with a few alterations


HBK vs Angle

JBL vs Cena

Eddie vs Booker T???


Orton winning Rumble seems to be inevitable, apart from that, I dont think anything else is even 50% predictable for WM21


There's been much talk of a Angle vs HBK match. The only way I think this might happen is if both are entered in the rumble and there is some kind of altercation between the 2.


My prediction for JBL vs Cena is scepticle as I really dont know whether Cena is ready to step up to plate, or infact that JBL will still champ - lets hope not! :thumbsup

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Orton vs HHH- Heavywieght tittle

Undertaker vs Angle- Undisputed tittle

Cena vs RVD vs Rene Dupree vs Carlito- US tittle

Shelton Benjamin vs Snitsky-Intercontinental tittle

Rey mysterio vs Spike (steel cage)- Cruserweight tittle

Dudleys vs Bashams- Tag Team tittles

Batista vs Kane (how about that)

HBK vs Edge vs Beniot vs Jericho- no 1 contendership

JBL vs Booker T- retierment match

Mark Jindrak vs Eddie Guerrero

Big Show invitational battle royal

Eugene vs Regal (similar situation a few years back with Tajiri and regal during the whole invasion thing)


What do you think of that? HHH vs Orton is probably a definatly with Orton finally beting HHH. Undertaker vs Angle would be a good one being takers last match. The US tittle match would be a classic with Dupree winnning to get his carear going. The big show invitational is just a battle royal with the rest of the locker room, it will be Big Show and Luther Reigns as the last 2 and with what could be the best match of the night Batista vs kane, we have seen previews in the past in battle royals etc but its about time they stepped in the ring at wrestlemania 20.

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I would like to see:


Randy Orton vs HHH ( World Title)

HBK vs Kurt Angle Vs The Rock

Eugene And William Regal vs Rhyno And Tajiri (Tag Belts)

Brothers Of Destruction vs Gene Snitsky + Heidenrich

Lita vs Trish Stratus (Bikini Match) (Womens Title)

Batista vs Shelton Benjamin(Intercontinental/Cage )

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H3 Vs Orton (World Title)

Taker Vs Angle (WWE Title)

The Rock Vs Coach (For Fun)

Jericho Vs Edge (Number 1 Contender for World Title, w/HBK interupting)

Batista Vs Snitsky Vs Kane (To Find The Bull of the Yard)

Benoit Vs Ric Flair (For Old Times Sake)

Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak Vs Big Show (Handicap Match)

Heidenreich Vs Mick Foley (For Heidenreich's Push)

Lita Vs Trish Vs Molly Vs Victoria (Women's Title)

Dudleys Vs La Resistance Vs Rhyno & Taijiri Vs Regal & Eugene (Undisputed Tag Title)

Booker T Vs Eddie Guerrero (Number 1 Contender to WWE Belt)

Eric Bischoff Vs Shane McMahon (For GM of Raw)


Just my guesses.




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There's only one match I wanna see, but it wont happen.


Forgetting what stories the guys are already in, I want to see the return of Hulk Hogan (complete with yellow trunks)


Hogan v Taker - The two biggest stars ever, to finish the biggest feud ever, with interferance from Ric Flair.


It was a crime to not finish the feud following Survivor Series 5th Annual.


Flair to interfer, stopping Hulk from getting beat at 'his' show, and maintaing Taker's Undefeated Wrestlemania run.


Hogan, Taker & Flair to then retire, safe in the knowledge, that between them they had the best marketing job ever seen in wrestling, the best gimmick ever seen in wrestling, and the best wrestler to ever grace a wrestling ring respectively, and that when the chips were down, and wrestling was on its arse, they single handedly sold out the big one.


I'd buy it with no other matches on the card!


I'd also like to see;


Jericho v Edge

Cena v Whoever is the Champ at the time.


On a side note, I dont want to see the rock come back. The match proposed above would sell more PPV's than bringing back a 'star' who took the easy option for more money, turning his back on the industry that made him famous/rich when football didnt want him!

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Guest Triple H

My Wrestlemania dream card/wishlist


Orton Vs. Hogan...

Undertaker Kane/ Heid,Snitsky.....

Batista vs. Benjamin I.C....

Angle Vs. HBK.........

Edge Vs. Jericho

Benoit Vs. ????

Triple H Vs.?????Cena....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Eddie G. Vs>>>>>

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