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I love (or hate) Gene Snitsky


Gene Snitsky: Love him or Hate him  

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  1. 1. Gene Snitsky: Love him or Hate him

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Ok... I was reading some wrestling website recently and the guy said "We don't know why... but we just LOVE Snitsky". I have to confess I agree with the guy... I have NO idea why but I love Snitsky, I love his gimmick and I love this completely stupid push... probably because its so stupid its entertaining.


For me the baby killer gimmick is an absolute classic, and I hope the WWE continue with this over the top character... its so bad it really makes me laugh. I mean come on, at Survivor Series the "HEIDENRICH.... I LIKE YOUR POETRY" would surely make anybody laugh. I know I was rolling on the floor in stiches anyway.


But... the question is, how do YOU all feel about Snitsky? Love him or hate him?


And if you love him... why? I'm still trying to figure it out myself!

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It's really hard to say exactly what I like about him, but he's drawn me in big time. The famous Scott Keith explaination (Search back a few pages for it, I copied and pasted it into a thread a while back) counts for a bit of it, because for a while he just looked so out of place. He would cut a terrible promo about a terrible angle in a terrible feud, and JR would sell it like it's the most incredible thing he'd ever seen. He was Wrestlecrap, a jobber who had gotten lucky by some horrible WWE booking and you wanted to watch him to see how he'd embaress himself further.


The way I see it, WWE had booked Kane to fall on Lita, and didn't want to use an established name on the roster to be the person who attacks him, for whatever reason. So they used Snitsky, a guy who'd jobbed a few times on Heat and didn't look anything special, as just a generic loser for one night who does something and Kane gets the blame, then he'd probably be taken off of TV. But it's almost like after they realised what had happened, the bookers said "Wait a second...We'll need to actually use this guy on TV". It looks like a case of more horrible booking.


So this guy, who totally wasn't ready to appear on the main roster is catapulted into a major feud. He was the underdog, due to the fact that he looked so incompetent, and I wanted him to do well in a really mark-ish sense. But lately, he seems to have changed direction and WWE is using him as a monster heel. And I love that gimmick just as much!


OK, if he hadn't been involved in the Kane angle first and he appeared on the scene a couple of weeks ago, I'd have had no interest in him. But the original feud from hell got me liking him, and this winning streak that Snitsky is on has me rooting for him in every match.


On Raw, he actually looked pretty capable as a killer bad guy. He has the unique look, the crowd heat and some of his offence wasn't bad. That move that he did where he squashed Maven's head against the ringpost would have had the hardcore mutants, as some people call them, going crazy if it was done a few years ago in ECW by some garbage worker. His mudhole stomps in the corner looked pretty impressive with a lot good selling by Maven. And if he hits his finisher a bit faster, along the lines of Wrath/Brian Clarke, it could look really impressive. On another note, I'd like to see his pumphandle slam finisher given a name. I suggest calling it The Fan, but only if Snitsky gets a Rock-like nickname. Then JR could shout "THE SNIT HAS HIT THE FAN!".


Anyway, no one entertains me as much as Snitsky these days, whether it's from laughing at him, or being impressed with his current role as being a real threat. I can see why people hate him, I probably would too if I didn't feel sorry for him at first, but he entertains me and that's all that I care about.

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I think Snitsky's great. Like Russ, I too am very entertained by him. I don't think he's that bad of a worker, I mean compared to Tomko he's a wrestling wizard. I like his mike work too, his mix of rugged uglyness and Uuurrrgggghhh breathing noises make him come across as a Monster Heel, and you gotta love Monster Heels!


Just remember, It's not his fault some people don't like him.

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The baby punt won my heart over.


Ditto, i was beginning to enjoy seeing him on Raw, then he punted that baby and sealed it for me. He may have looked slightly homosexual in his skit with Heidenreich at Survivor Series, but other than that all is good with big Gene Snitsky. The Monster Heel that Snitsky has become is doing wonders for Raw, as he is really convincing. The man is both funny and serious, Snitsky Rules!

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What is there to like about him??? He has shocking in ring ability and no charisma. It comes to something when i think Nathan Jones had more of a place in the WWE than someone, but Snitsky is that damn bad!!!


However, the meeting between him and Heidenreich must have also been emotional time for him as he was face to face with someone as talentless as himself, which is why i think they wanted to kiss each other! "I like your poetry" Great charisma?

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Unfortunately for those with more talent' date=' they've just not been even half as entertaining as Snitsky has :)[/quote']


It's sooo true.

I'd rather watch Snitsky stumbling haplessly from one ridiculous promo to the next than virtually anyone on the roster. He's totally unpredictable, and not in a booked-to-be-so kind of way like wacky old Heidenreich but because he seems to really and truly have no idea what he's doing. I haven't been so entertained for years.

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If they ran an angle with Rico seeming gay' date=' why not do it with Hiedenriech and Snitsky. I really do hate Snitsky. No talent, no charisma, and he looks like he just got out of a plane crash.[/quote']


Another Billy & Chuck angle but with monster heels????? The mind boggles....... :help :help :help :help :help

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