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fav moments in wrestling in the last few years?

Guest Nuff

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Mine has to be Hulk Hogan hulking up against the Rock at Wrestlemaina X-8.It takes me back to my childhood days of watching Hogan in his prime.


Hulkamaina is running wild again and i'm loving it.

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I gotta say, I loved all the Invasion backstage stuff, i mean the Alliance sketches etc...Like when they were trying to figure out who was gonna turn at Survivor Series, and Austin didnt trust Booker T who didnt trust RVD ...ho ho it all lead to very funny happenings backstage :)


Obviously all the classic stuff too. All much fun.

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When jericho and Rock were cussing Steph down, i cracked up so much, when ECW reformed on Raw, when the Radicalz appeared on Raw and when they had their three matches and Benoit made HHH tap to the Crossface particularly because at that time, HHH was made out to be God and it just totally broke that and made the Crossface appear the most dangerous submission move.
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chris beniot did TEN german suplexes on stone cold steve austin


Kane domaniting last years royal rumble


hulk hogan ramming the ambulence rock was in


Kurt angle olympic slamming mae young (god that made me laugh)


DDP reversing the jackhammer and diamond cutting goldberg


seeing Jodie felisch for the fisrt time


the Chris's (Jericho and Benoit) winning the tag team belt


Rock Vs Hogan WM-X8 (deja vu of Adre vs Hogan or better yet - Hogan Vs Warrior)


Mankind Vs Shawn Michaels match


Final Fantasy sponser a PPV


Vince vs Shane - WM-X7


so many more....so little brain capcity

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Haven't watched wrestling for all that long, so...


Vince v's Shane Streetfight. Wrestlemania - X7

Shane v's Angle. Kotr 2001

Hell In a Cell - Armagedon 2000 (i think)

HHH v's Mankind match (not sure when it was, but twas shown on excess a while back)


There is probably LOADS more better stuff than these, just i haven't seen it

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Austin Appreciation night - karaoke edition... followed by Milkomania... class


Hogan / Rock WM X8.


"Death of The Taker" at Rumble 94


ECW reunion on Raw


The beginning of the "what" phenomenon


Anarchy Rulz 99 - first ECW PPV I saw

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