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NFS: Underground 2

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i never bother with rally game frankly they all seem kind similar nfsu 2 is very good and hads alot of different race styles.

Drag: drag race in a straight line on a 4 lane highway. Only l/r steering to switch lanes , gear change and acceleration and nitros if you have it are used.

Sprint: like a rally stage through BUSY streets

URL Underground Racing League: races on a real race track instead of street with very high difficulty

Circuit: Races on city streets of usualy 2 or 3 laps

Drift: on a small closed circuit which has oil on it, you win by scoring points not by crossing the line first, you get pooints by getting the back end out as far as possible for as long as possible.

Street X (cross): race on a very small tight twisty technical circuit, the first is a 3 lap race and took me under aminute in a peugeot 206.


on top of all that you have so much to modify: (performance mods)

: engine, transmission, Nitros, suspension, hydrolics (supposedly aids starting) ECU fuel system, Tyres, Weight Reduction Brakes and turbo.


(visual mods) Paint(gloss, metallic or pearlescent) Decals: (companies who have licenced parts for the game i e Audiobahn) Vinyls, Body kits (bumpers, side skirts, hood spoiler wide body, carbonfibre)

headlights taillights side mirrors exhaus tips rims and spinners

Specialist mods : custom guages, Neon (underglow, engine, trunk) window tint

Lights (changes headlight colour) Nitros purge (changes where gas sprays out from) trunk audio, split hoods, doors (icon depics scissor doors like a lambourghini but pissibly suicide doors also


and as for GT4 which i WILL get... its bumped until febuary at least!

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