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Its back-F2Ks TNA TWC Review


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Sorry about the absense guys but Ive actually missed a couple PPVS, including the world X Cup and King of the mountain ppv week. TWC however have been very kind and have gone back to the PPV before iMPACT debuted which was King of the Mountain week so thats the review Ive got for you guys. What a main event that was. Certainly in my top 5 matches of all time now.


Show opens with Team Mexicos Heavy Metal with the mullet and Jerry "Age Concern" Lynn to take on Bobby Roode and Petey Williams along with The Fat Controller who i think they call Scott D'Amore. Anyways the match.


Team Canada beat Jerry Lynn and Heavy Metal

A great opening tag match in my opinion with Team Canada isolating Heavy metal and keeping him from making the tag to Lynn for the most part and when Metal got the advantage they stopped him again. When he evetually did make the tag Metal took out Roode while D'Amore got in to try hit Lynn with the flag on the hockey stick but he missed and Lynn set him up for his finishing move but Showtime Eric Young came down and hit Lynn with the flag/Hockey stick and allowed Petey Williams to get the win. All of Team Canada then started to beat on Metal and Lynn until Team NWA's Elix Skipper and Chris Sabin ran down to make the save


Backstage Scotty not So Hotty Hudson was with Wildcat Chris Harris who talked about Storm and Dusty The Dweem winning the tag gold and that he would tonight be the King of the Mountain and finally be the world champion. God i wish that were true.

"Alpha Male" Monty Brown beat Mr Number One Sonny Siaki

A thought this would possibly be a greatly contested match between two great TNA workers but it seemed more of a squash to be honest as Monty Brown dominated Siaki, a POUNCEEEEEE later and Brown had another win, Thus far undefeated I belive since his return. After the match Glen Gilberti and Swinger hit the ring and tied up Siaki in the ropes putting lays on him and a grass skirt after hitting him in the head with a coconut. Irish Pat Kenney then ran down to the aid of his friend but the numbers game was too much as trinity then helped the NYC with a leather strap, that is until Desire ran down and helped out Siaki and Kenney.


Aj styles was then with Scotty Hudson and Aj said he had the advantage tonight simply because of the ladders. Raven interupted and said he had a great strategy, and that was to take out the others before the match and he and Aj brawled until Black Shirts split them up. God I miss the red shirts, Ryan Wilson, Legend and that other one, Kevin Northcutt.

X Division Championship

Frankie "The Future" Kazarian beat Amazing Red

Red won the best of 3 series with Sonjay Dutt thus earning this title match and he did a damned good job although everything he had just wasnt enough to keep the coolest dude in the world down. Even the Red Star Press could get a three count. While Kazarian was his cocky self, telling Jeremy Borash and the referee that he was cooler than them , he should have been focused on Red who unleashed his best arsenal on Red. But it wasnt to be as Kazarian barely escaped with his belt after a 3 count.


Hudson stood by with D-ray and told D-Ray if he wins the gutcheck tonight against a mystery opponent he would get a contract. D-Ray said David Young was the one losing and he should have to be in this match before walking away and he goes to the ring all smiles until Down in the Catacombs hits. Well its either Jimmy Yang or Abyss. And somehow I dont think its Yang. D-rays face is hialrious and I laughed my ass off marking out watching the Monster Abyss walk down the ramp. Brilliant booking there Jarrett.


Abyss beat D-Ray 3000

Brillaint short match with Abyss totally dominating the fro. Abyss even stopped to touch D-Rays fro before taking out his combing and combing his own hair before D-Ray slapped him. He hit the backbreaker as Goldylocks(I know they just ruined the segment) came to ringside with a briefcase full of money and told Abyss to punish D-Ray so a BlackHole Slam later and Abyss had a win under his belt. As the celebrated Erik Watts got in the ring and tried to chokeslam Abyss, no budging but he took Abyss out with a boot to the face as he got the briefcase with his money from Goldy and then left with security as Russo followed them out.


Hudson interviewed Storm and the America Dweem Dusty Rhodes who said Kash and Dallas would have to put up or shut up. Dusty noted that the tag title would look good on his truck as the cameras then showed outside and Russo having a hissy fit at Watts and told Watts to go back home to his wife and give Russo the briefcase and that watts could trust Russo. ok so far and nope another ruined segment, its Goldy who takes the money and tells Erik to get lost.


Tag Team Championship

Kid Kash and Dallas beat Cowboy James Storm and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes

According to the music, Kid Kash rocks. Hmm i dunno how they work that one out, hes a great wrestler but hes also an arsehole. Still never mind back to the match and i missed most of it due to some technical difficulties with my computer at the time. Anyway the finish was that Dallas hit Storm with the lead pipe and Kash then pinned Storm for the 3 count.


Hudson then talks to JJ. JJ says he wants to go to the first impact as the champ and 3 time champ before Aj attackes JJ and they brawl as Hudson then talks to the 3 Live Kru who seem to think Ronny K-Kwik Killings will still be champ after the match. how lame.

NWA Heavyweight Championship of the World

1st Ever King Of the Mountain Match

Jeff Jarrett beat Chris Harris, Raven, Aj Styles and Ron Killings

Brillaint, the rules were opposite to a ladder match. Firstly to be eligible to win you had to gain a pin fall. Once you had been pined you were sent to the sin bin for two minutes. To win you had to take the belt from Russo and hand it on the hook above the ring. What followed was sheer brilliance. JJ and Raven got pined first but rather than fighting in the cage they hatched a plan. When back out they teamed up with Raven and Truth both then becoming eligable after both pinning Harris. Aj tried to stop the duo as they took out Truth and Aj with the ladder but as he lay on the ladder they simply tossed him over the top rope. Amazing. Jj then managed to pin Ron Killins and so all 5 men were eligible to get and hang the belt now. Aj then pinned JJ after a Styles Clash but after his two minutes he tried to get the belt from Russo who wouldnt let him have it. Truth got the belt and climbed the ladder as JJ got some help from his old friend and he smashed the guitar over Truths head, got the belt and hung it to become the 3 time NWA Champion as My World blasted out and TNA went off the air

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That was a great show. It was also one of the only two weekly shows I ordered. The main event was awesome, KOM is a great concept and they should do another one. A.J did an amazing flip dive in that match. The X-division title match was also very good and one of my favorite Kazarian matches. I love when Kazarian used to tell the referees he was cooler than them that always made me laugh.
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