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Talk Wrestling Online Community Awards 2004 - VOTE NOW!


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You can now vote for the 2004 Talk Wrestling Online Community Awards.


The deadline for votes is Friday 31st December 2004. The winners will be announced a few days later :xyx


Please note: I will NOT be counting votes from members who have registered at Talk Wrestling Online after 1st September 2004. This may mean once the polls are unhidden the final tally may not be totally accurate due to these invalid votes.


You can NOT vote for yourself - the only exceptions are the thread categories, as those are more of a combined effort.


Heres a list of the final nominations:


[VOTE] Best Forum Member of the Year 2004:

  • E2K
  • F2K Fletcher
  • Jayden
  • Jungmuta
  • The Crippler

[VOTE] Best Chatroom Member of the Year 2004:

  • Devilish Angel
  • F2K Fletcher
  • Legend Killer
  • Russ
  • The Bisch

[VOTE] Best Forum Leader of the Year 2004

  • Alan - Other Sports Forum
  • Chris2K - US Scene Forum
  • DraVen - US Scene Forum (Part of the year)
  • K.J - Other Sports Forum
  • Robert Gringo - International Scene Forum

[VOTE] Best Chatroom Moderator of the Year 2004:

  • Chris2K
  • Colin
  • Dan
  • Russ
  • Taki

[VOTE] Best Forum Newcomer of the Year 2004

  • Darkstar
  • E2K
  • F2KFletcher
  • Robert Gringo
  • WWFBeltmark

[VOTE] Funniest Forum Member of the Year 2004:

  • AC
  • Colin
  • MillionLiraMan
  • Russ
  • The Maxx

[VOTE] Most Controversial Forum Member of the Year 2004:

  • Bob Greenberg
  • Boyo
  • E2K
  • Jack
  • Ravenmark

[VOTE] Best Thread of the Year 2004:

  • Chris Benoit: Push or No Push?
  • Did Benoit prove you wrong?
  • I love (or hate) Triple H
  • Rap/Hip Hop or Rock
  • Shaving Advice (Adult/Sexual Content - Be Warned)

[VOTE] Most Controversial Thread of the Year 2004:

  • England v France
  • Fox Hunting
  • Re: Ravenmark/Manonthemoon/TonyClifton
  • Shaving Advice (Adult/Sexual Content - Be Warned)
  • The Regeneration Will Not Be Televised

[VOTE] Best Signature of the Year 2004:

  • Batmansmellsfun
  • Colin
  • Goldy
  • Peoples Eyebrow
  • Tazz13

[VOTE] Best Avatar of the Year 2004:

  • DraVen - Roy Walker
  • Jayden - "I poke Badgers with Spoons"
  • Inno - Dancing purple hippo
  • Inno - Dancing gopher
  • Russ - Gene "It wasnt my fault" Snitsky

[VOTE] Best Other Forum of the Year 2004:

  • Other Sports Forum
  • Video Games Forum
  • Music Forum
  • Movies & TV Forum
  • General Chat Forum

[VOTE] Best Wrestling Forum of the Year 2004:

  • UK Scene Forum
  • US Scene Forum
  • International Scene & Mixed Martial Arts Forum
  • Product Rating and Discussion Zone



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I can't believe that I was nominated for "Funniest Forum Member".


I am totally blown away by that!


Now that's TRULY "Twisted!" :devil


I wanna thank everyone that nominated me... you guys rock!! A special thanxx goes out to our "Leader" Kam for being patient with the TWO's resident Lunatic!


Good luck to all the nominies!

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Holy Smokes batman, Ive been nominated for a fair amount


Even when I dont win, I would like to say thanks to all the Fletchercoholics who nominated me, you are my strength and my reason for being such a post whore. Without all the fletchercoholics i couldnt have got this far. You all truely rock, special mention to one of my fallen comrades whom i feel deserves a lot of credit for my nominations as without him i wouldnt post so much and thats Jayden. I love you bro. Rock On

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Well done to everyone who has nominated. I just hope that everyone accepts the outcomes of each category without any snide insults or temper tantrums. If I'm honest, I'd say that I'd like to win a TWOsie to add to my current collection, but I would settle for losing out as long as it means having a friendly and pleasant forum, with people acting civil. And this isn't just meaningless fluff, because for the first time ever, instead of voting tactically (ie- giving the person who's least likely to win my vote) I'm voting honestly.


Besides, I'm like The Fish Bar in Anstruther when it comes to Fish And Chip Restaurant Of The Year. They'd won it so many times that they refused to enter the competition any more, because they had proved that they truely were the best. I know I'm the best, you know I'm the best, I don't need an Action Man wrapped in tinfoil and painted gold by Kam to prove just how good I am, do I? :D

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