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Showstapes Update

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Hey guys

Welcome to a great new Showstapes Update.

Got some great new tapes including 2 great new ROH Shows and the Amazing ECW DVD Conversion.

Ill be at FWA Sunday if anyone wants tapes picked up

Lets get right to it


ROH Gold...Dayton, OH 10/15/04

Homicide vs. CM Punk

Trent Acid vs. Matt Sydal

Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious vs. Angel Dust & Dixie

Chad Collyer vs. Jay Lethal

Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer vs. The Carnage Crew

Mick Foley/Ricky Steamboat Confrontation- Awesome Banter

Nigel McGuinness vs. Josh Daniels vs. Roderick Strong vs. Matt Stryker (Four Corner Survival)

Samoa Joe vs. Rocky Romero (ROH World Title Match)

CM Punk, Ace Steel & Jimmy Jacobs with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. Austin Aries, Alex Shelley & Jack Evans (Six Man Tag Team War)

Quality 1 3HRS


Joe vs. Punk II- Chicago Ridge, IL 10/16/04

This is a must see tape, it includes the rematch between Joe vs Punk, Dave Meltzer has rated this a a must see match and gave it *****. Highly Recomended

Davey Andrews vs. TJ Dalton

Jay Lethal vs. Delirious

Tracy Brooks vs. Daizee Haze

Josh Daniels vs. Angel Dust vs. Trent Acid vs. Matt Sydal (Four Corner Survival Match)

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat's pure wrestling team of Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer vs. Mick Foley's hardcore team of Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer

Carnage Crew vs. Davey Andrews & TJ Dalton.

Roderick Strong & Jack Evans vs. Homicide & Rocky Romero

Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs (I Quit Match)

Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk (ROH World Title Match)

Quality 1 3HRS


The Rise & Fall of ECW DVD Conversion *Highly Recommended * Awesome Stuff and a must see for ECW Fans, 2 Tapes or LP option.

Follow the rise and fall of Extreme Championship Wrestling on this special Double DVD release!

E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W!" - a chant heard in arenas around the world.ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling redefined professional wrestling in the '90s with a reckless, brutal, death-defying, and often bloody style that came to be known as "hardcore." It attracted a rabid, cult-like following that is still going strong today.This 6-hour, 2-tape set follows the rise and eventual demise of the company that raised the bar and revolutionized sports-entertainment forever.

Includes a amazing Near 3hr documentary featuring the History of ECW with comments from Taz, Heyman, Jericho, Rey, Raven, Benoit, RVD, Dreamer, Dudleyz, Richards and all your ECW Favouries

DVD Extras:

Seven bonus matches, including:

The Pit Bulls vs. Raven & Stevie Richards

2 out of 3 Falls Dog Collar Match for ECW World Tag Team Championship

Gangsta's Paradise - Philadelphia, PA (09-16-95)

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psichosis

2 out of 3 Falls

Hardcore TV - Philadelphia, PA (10-17-95)

Mikey Whipwreck vs. The SandmaLadder Match for ECW Championship

Hardcore TV - Philadelphia, PA (10-28-95)

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Sabu

ECW World Television Championship Match

CyberSlam - Philadelphia, PA (02-17-96)

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven

WrestlePalooza - Philadelphia, PA (06-06-)97

Tazz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

ECW World Television Championship Match

Living Dangerously - Asbury Park, NY (03-01-98)

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

ECW World Television Championship Match

Hardcore Heaven - Poughkeepsie, NY (05-16-99)

Steven Richards Apologizes for Leaving ECW

Tazz Seeks Paul Heyman's Blessing

Paul Heyman: Travel Agent

Easter Eggs on the DVD include:

ECW Pulp Fiction Promo Montage

The Public Enemy Train Mikey Whipwreck

Taz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow feud history

Rob Van Dam shows Michael Cole his scar

Quality 1 7HRS


NWA TNA Impact 21-24

Show 21

Jeff Jarrett vs Ryan O Reilly

Kazarian & Michael Shane vs Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin

Monty Brown vs Eric Stevens

The NYC vs Scott Papper & El Fuego

Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles vs Team Canada

Show 22

Monty Brown vs Eric Stevens & Mark Stephens

Alex Shelley vs Kazarian vs Chris Sabin vs Michael Shane vs Sharkboy vs Sonjay Dutt

3 Live Kru vs The Naturals

Jeff Hardy vs Petey Williams

Show 23

Johnny B Badd vs Vito Thomaselli

Abyss vs ?

James Storm vs Christopher Daniels

Spanky vs Kazarian

AJ Styles & Ron Killings vs Jeff Jarrett & Petey Williams

Show 24

Kings Of Wrestling Promo

3 Live Kru vs Matthews & Kage & Static

Kid Kash & Kazarian & Michael Shane vs Hector Garza & Psychosis & La Parka

Monty Brown vs Raven (DDP Debut)

Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley

Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles vs The Naturals

Quality 1 4HRS


Tape Of The Week £4

ROH: Glory By Honour III - 11.09.04

Jimmy Rave vs. Dixie *

Jay Lethal vs. Matt Stryker 1/2*

Trent Acid vs. Ace Steel vs. Angel Dust vs. Izzy vs. Fast Eddie vs. Kahagas **3/4

CM Punk vs. Austin Aries **

Steve Corino Returns to ROH Leading to a confrontation with Homicide

Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer vs. Slash Venom & Chicano 1/4*

Mick Foley Debuts in ROH- Really good.

Bryan Danielson vs. Alex Shelley ***1/2

ROH Pure Title Match: John Walters vs. Nigel McGuiness ***1/2

ROH World Title Match: Samoa Joe vs. Doug Williams **3/4

ROH Tag Team Title Ultimate Endurance Match: Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero vs. Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer vs. The Carnage Crew vs. Roderick Strong & Jack Evans ***3/4

Quality 1 3HRS


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