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Two of a kind: RVD double DVD

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Here are all the full matches included (also includes various other interviews & parts of matches etc.)



*Robby V vs. Pat Rose

(WCW Saturady Night 23/01/93) - Van Dam’s WCW debut


*Robby V vs. Scotty Flamingo (aka Raven)

(WCW Worldwide 08/02/93)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Axl Rotten

(ECW Hardcore TV 05/01/96) - Van Dam’s ECW debut


*Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

(ECW Hostile City Showdown 20/04/96)


Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu - Extreme Death Match

(ECW Hardcore Heaven 22/06/96)


*Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. The Eliminators

(ECW Crossing The Line 01/02/97)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm - Van Dam’s PPV debut

(ECW Barely Legal PPV 13/04/97)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy

(Raw 12/05/97)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer - Flag Match

(ECW November to Remember PPV 30/11/97)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - ECW World TV championship win

(ECW Hardcore TV 04/04/98)


*ECW World Television champion Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

(ECW Living Dangerously PPV 21/03/99)


*ECW World Television champion vs. Balls Mahoney

(ECW Anarchy Rulz PPV 16/09/99)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn - Final ECW PPV

(ECW Guilty as Charged 07/01/01)


Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy

(WWE Invasion PPV 22/07/01)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

(WWE King of the Ring PPV 23/06/02)


*Rob Van Dam vs. Christian - Ladder Match

(Raw 29/09/03)

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In ECW RVD was amazing, still is today. But the main problems IMO are:


1) The WWE 'rules' limit some of the stuff RVD did in ECW.


2) In ECW there were more opponents who could work within Van Dam's style.


3) Sabu. RVD and Sabu's relationship on tv made him entertaining outside the ring.


4) Mr. Bill Alfonso. IMO without Fonzie there's always been something missing from RVD.


If you look at his ECW carrer he could have an exciting match with anybody. With the Balls, Storm and Lynn matches being perfect examples.


I only hope they show one of the greatest mark out moments ever, the unveiling of The Vanterminater at Heatwave 2000. The only time I enjoyed a Scotty Anton, nee. Riggs, match. That move was unbelievable the first time you saw it, still is IMO. Not the WWE version, which is still cool, but the original. If you've never seen it, words can't do it justice IMO.



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great looking dvd...its interesting they only have 3 matches from WWE...i would have changed the jericho match to the one they had at unforgiven 01 for the hardcore title, but the KOTR one is very good as well (that was the match that cause jericho to go on his anti-internet tirade)


people will probably say they should have had the eddie/rvd ladder match instead of the one against christian, but i already have the rvd/eddie one on eddie's dvd, so its all good as far as i'm concerned


i think the only thing missing that i would put there is rvd's first wwe ppv main event against angle and austin


anyways, another great dvd from wwe

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Looks alright. Still waiting for a Jericho DVD though. I would much prefer a Jericho DVD.


From his japanese stuff to his ECW and WCW days right through some of his WWF(E) stuff. So much it could be about 3-5 DVDs long. Full matches i would include are a couple of his matches with Rey Mysterio from WCW. His matches with the Rock in 2001. His Matches with Benoit. His matches with HHH. Loads.

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Finally a DVD about RVD, a superstar who has had sooooo many great matches in his career - just cant believe this DVD wasnt released much earlier


By the way, when the hell are WWE gonna make a DVD about Kane!?


I really wanna learn more about Glenn Jacobs himself, his childhood etc but I assume there hasnt been a release due to the fact that WWE have given all this info on the character and bringing out a DVD about the life of the man himself would be somewhat contradictory

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DVD looks okay, but i can not believe they have made a DVD for this spot monkey, when they haven't made an Angle DVD, a Jericho DVD, even a Dudley Boyz DVD would be better than one about RVD! The only reason i would have bought this was for the ECW stuff, but i have it all already.


But for anyone who hasn't seen it, check out the match with Jerry Lynn from Living Dangerouslly, which is a goody! The only one of his WWE matches i like is the Invasion one, which i did like.

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, when they haven't made an Angle DVD, a Jericho DVD, even a Dudley Boyz DVD


I'm positive Jericho and Angle have had one. Jericho defo as I had it in VHS a while ago. It had a skit about Christian being his gardener in it. Breaking the Walls it was called.

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I think this may well be my next investment, i bought the invasion 2001 dvd a while back which had an RVDfeaturette, which was the first i knew of Robbie V, and the fact that hed wrested Jeff Hardy previously also facinated me, but ive bee unable/too lazy to folow this up


all packaged together on a DVD?



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