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What Do You Play?


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I was just wondering if there were any musicians on the forums and what instruments they play, if theyre in bands etc, im tryin to network my bands so gettin to know musicians from up an down the country is always nice! :xyx


so im a bassist by trade, i play a bit of guitar and drums as well but the 4 strings are what i do best


i play:


Cort Curbow 4

Vintage EST96NA (musicman stingray Copy)

Ibanez AE Series Electro Acoustic


I use:


Digitech BP 200 effects

Stagg/Peavey stage Amplification

My fingers


I want


Fender 63 series Jazz Bass (cherry Red)

Gibson Explorer


my bands:


A Lost Cause - Rap-Metal 5 piece, Kind of a cross between Limp Bizkit/Korn/Stone Sour


EvilPsychoBitch - 4 Piece band labelled as a cross between Nirvana and a depressed Alanis Morrisette


So thats me :)


tell me your stories people :thumbsup

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Got a wolf made fender strat copy, metallic red, and a marshall amp. Tis very nice. Also got an acoustic which I've drawn on. Don't play either much, but could play rhythm guitar at a push.


I sing mainly :) Sing anything from blues to emo.

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I'm unfortunately one of your all talk and no gear types! I play an Epiphone SG, a Westfield Strat copy, use a Line 6 Spider 50 watt amp and have an electric acoustic that I got cheap in Spain as well. I also play a bit of bass, I have a Vantage which isn't active which was my first one, basically because it looked cool, but I also have a Yamaha BB4G which is actually very nice, OK it's not top of the range expensive gear, but it has active pickups and 24 frets, so from a bass and considering my modest abilities on it then really it's about as much as I'm likely to want from a bass. I have a Yamaha keyboard as well, which I can't play very well at all, although I know my way round it of course (why have it otherwise?!), plus a couple of harmonicas, one in C (so I can use A natural minor/A pentatonic minor) which actually belongs to my brother and one in A (so I can blow out random notes in E mixolydian!), while I also still have a recorder (the wind instrument) from when I was at school. I'm hideously bad at that though - I do the trill at the start of the Mission Impossible theme on it from time to time and that's about it.


I am saving up though for a really nice guitar. I was thinking about getting a JEM as I could technically do it but I'll be spending money anyway in the next couple of months and should get a job first before I blow that sort of money, so it'll have to wait just a little longer. Ideally I'd like one good all-round guitar that's got a good rock tone and some decent cleaner tones as well as a main guitar, then a cheaper all-out metal guitar with a heavy bottom end and crisp lead tone, which could sound like crap for all I care when it's played clean.


I'm not in any bands, just a bedroom player really, but I tend to play stuff with flashy lead section quite badly. I like doing tapping and stuff, but I don't know if I really have the discipline to learn exercises slowly to cut out the sloppiness. Maybe if I have a proper go at sweep picking and combining sweeps with taps or legato runs I might learn to discipline myself as after a couple of years it must make your playing noticeably better.

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I play guitar mainly and have a Fender Strat copy, a Charvel Jackson and a custom Kramer. I also have a couple of acoustics knocking about.


As for effects i have: Akai Variwah, Akai Shred-O-Matic, Zoom 510, Zoom 606, Zoom PS-01, Danelectro Molten Metal Pack and i have a Tascam 414 4-track. I have a Marshall amplifier. I can also play a bit of bass, trumpet, drums and keyboards.


I'm in a funk/punk/jazz/metal band with no name, we have been together for about 3 years now. I bring the metal element to the band as i listen to play stuff like Metallica to Deftones to Thrice to Killswitch Engage to Lamb of God, with everything in between!

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I predominantly play guitar, although also sing, play drums and bass, and have done since I was about 5 or 6.


Erm I have a couple of Les Paul's, Epiphone cause I ain't made of money, and modded them with Seymour Duncan humbuckers and different toggle switches. Then I have a Korg multi FX and Line 6 POD for sh*ts and giggles, as well as Jim Dunlop Crybaby, and all through a 2x12 Peavey 5150. Been gigging since I was 13, and gone through numerous equipment changes, had old school amps, a telecaster, PRS santana s.e, etc etc


Also have a Yamaha bass somewhere which I dabble again now and then, and used to have a drum kit, but now just play for fun, and use the student's union's practise room one.

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