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Credit: Zonawrestling.com


Jerry Lawler was informed buy police agents that his house was a target of a police gang that was stealing houses using a stripper that at one time was Lawler's girlfriend to investigate the house that hey were going to steal. Here are the news taht were said on Memphis.


Channel 5 in Memphis:


There's an interesting twist in the case of three Memphis cops busted. We have new details of a crime federal agents say one cop was planning that included his girlfriend, an officer and possibly a famous Memphis wrestler. The federal criminal complaint describes a house in East Memphis that was the target of the planned burglary. The complaint doesn't give an address, but describes it such narrow terms it's not difficult to figure out.


The three Memphis police officers named in the federal criminal complaint remain behind bars--Billy Scott, John Vaughan, and David Tate. It details how Tate, his 21 year old girlfriend, a former topless dancer and Scott planned to burglarize a house on Walnut Grove near White Station that fits the description of wrestler Jerry Lawler's home.


According to the criminal complaint, the homeowner had $200,000 in a juke box. Lawler has two juke boxes. Wrester Jerry Lawler said, "One of them has 100 CDs in it, but they're not the kind of CDs you keep in a bank that would be worth $200,000."


Lawler showed Action News 5 his juke boxes. He opened the side panel. It contained only an empty bag. The other juke box, the same thing, no money. And Lawler says there never was any money in the juke boxes. The criminal complaint indicates Tate was prepared to use deadly force. Lawler says he doesn't own a pistol. The complaint also indicates Tate didn't think he'd do much time if caught. Lawler says the whole thing is frightening. "It's a pretty scary situation. If that's me they're talking about, I'm concerned. I think anybody would be concerned."


The complaint does not mention a date for the burglary. All four defendants are scheduled to be in federal court Wednesday.



This is froma local Newspaper

November 23, 2004


Memphis - "So just come straight up to Walnut Grove and take a right" The complaint describes in great detail the house two MPD officers and an accomplice were casing and planning to rob. Officer David Tate describes the location of the mailbox and even mentions quote "Its got 2 chairs and 2 squiggly looking trees."


Its unmistakable which house he's describing -- especially to the guy who lives there. Wrestling champion Jerry Lawler says, "These are the Memphis policemen that are planning to burglarize my home and making statements that they didn't mind killing somebody in the process."


Lawler says to this moment, no one from MPD or the FBI has contacted him. He adds, "I would like for someone to call me and tell me all of the details since I was obviously the target. Yeah, I would like to know everything that there is to know about the situation." Apparently, the policemen and their accomplice thought they knew everything there was to know about Lawler's house-- the key by the back door...the alleged stash of cash in the jukebox. But Lawler says "I would certainly want people to know I do not have 200 thousand dollars in my house. I don't keep it anywhere but in the bank. So if somebody wants to break in my house, all they are going to get is practice."


So how did someone have such an inside scoop on his home? -- signs point to Tate's accomplice... April Veach. Lawler says, "This young lady is somebody that I knew two years ago. And obviously, unbeknownst to me, when she was here basically cased my house."


Its hard to fully comprehend, that the folks who are paid to serve and protect... in this case, seem intended such harm. Lawler explains, "Its still sinking in. I walk around the house and think what would I have done if that had happened. Or what would someone who had been here at the house if I wasn't have done. And none of them are good."

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