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Alex Shane


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Hi kiddies,


Well I'm sure you have heard about Alex's injury at the last FWA show...one month in the scene and already someone I know has been injured...and that he's out for at least 12 months.


Anyways...no matter what you all think of Alex, even those who only know his character, I'm sure you'd all like to join me in wishing him well.

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Originally posted by TVV

Alex has a compressed Vertabre thanks to being tombstone piledriven into a steel chair (the same injury forced both Shawn Michaels and Arn Anderson to retire)


Michaels back was knackered by bumping on top of a casket in a casket match at Rumble 98... but that aside, I'm not a big Alex fan, but no one deserves an injury like that. Good luck to the guy coming back from it.

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