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IWF in Gateshead this sat - update


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The IWF are running a FREE show on Sat 27th November at St. Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead (Next to Gateshead Metro Station). Entry is free but donations for Children in Need will be asked for, give as much, or as little as you can spare. Doors open 6:30 with bell-time 7pm.


IWF owner ERIC SCARBORO has informed me that IWF Champion ASSASSIN is claiming that he will not be able to defend the belt on the show due to injury. Scarboro is highly dubious at this claim and will ask the champion to produce a signed doctor’s note as proof. If Assassin is forced to compete, who will be his opponent? During his time as IWF Champion he has proven to be a remarkably adaptable competitor and has successfully defended his title against a variety of opponents. Whether it be against Power wrestlers (Kurrupt, Jed Masters), Flyers (Pac, Cameron Knite), Technicians (Shaun Avery), Brawlers (Weapon X) Hardcore specialists (Nero, Captain Carnage), Wily veterans (Paul Vault) or Hungry rookies (Boogie Knights) Assassin has emerged from matches with a variety of opponents with his title intact. Scarboro admits that he is running out of ideas as he attempts to find a man to depose the hated Champion, but he claims that he does have one more ace up his sleeve.


The IWF Tag Team Championships will also be on the line as THE AVERY BROTHERS get their rematch with the new champions HARRY PAIN and CHRIS PRIME. Pain and Prime won the belts in Bedlington at the end of October but fell to SHAUN AVERY and YOUNGSTA in singles matches in Jarrow on Saturday. As a result, the D-UNIT members will get their title shot this Saturday and as two-time Champions they have to be hot favourites to end the night with the straps.


For a rundown of the LEE KYLE v JED MASTERS feud, which is to climax at the show, see the end of this press release.


LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON is said to be very concerned about his current losing streak. He as lost his last five matches, and although most expect him to come out of his slump soon and begin challenging for a main event slot, he knows he can not afford to wait much longer to reclaim his winning ways. Eric Scarboro has taken this opportunity to attempt to break the spirit of one of Assassin’s biggest allies and will put ‘The Player’ in the ring with his toughest opponent to date. This Saturday, Atkinson will face the returning ‘GOLDEN BOY’ CAMERON KNITE. Knite is a big favourite with IWF fans and will be looking at this match as an opportunity to cement his reputation as a fantastic performer.


Unlike the IWF Champion, one man who is definitely injured is the Ring of Faith Champion WEAPON X. This is bad news for ‘UNBREAKABLE’ BOBBY JACKSON who, over recent months has beaten Nick Damocles, Lee Kyle and Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson to earn a shot at the title. Nevertheless, Jackson will be at the show and has informed me that he fully expects Weapon X to throw yet another roadblock in his way.


JIMMY BLADE has requested that he have the night off to care for his ‘injured friend’ Assassin. IWF management has laughed this ludicrous request out and Blade has been informed in no uncertain terms that he will be at the show.


I received a telephone call in the early hours of the morning from a man claiming to represent NICK DAMOCLES. This unknown person claimed to be very familiar with the whole IWF roster although I must admit that I did not recognise his voice. He informed me that he has managed to get the powerful Damocles booked against BOOGIE KNIGHTS and that he fully expects him to embark on a winning streak. What of Boogie Knights? Having ‘become’ The Boogfather’, ‘The Ultimate Boog’ and ‘Ravishing Rick Boog’ recently it remains to be seen which of his ‘pals’ turn up on Saturday.


Expect an appearance from ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ PAC. No opponent is confirmed, but the gifted flyer must know that Assassin must be bringing in a dangerous wrestler to take out a man who he regards as a future threat to his title.


In the Junior Academy Showcase match, Junior Champion MAX HEAT will face the former champ RD WOOD (Who pinned Heat in Jarrow on Saturday) and the masked sensation LITTLE DRAGON. It is also rumoured that a fourth wrestler will be brought into the match although this wrestler has yet to be announced.


In a match that has been months in the making, LEE KYLE will go one-on-one with ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS. These two has a match earlier this year when Masters beat Kyle in a hard-hitting war, after that it appeared that both men moved onto other things. Kyle spent the summer trying to win the IWF Tag Team titles with his protégé Harry Pain while Masters began trying to build towards getting another title shot at IWF Champion Assassin. However, on Sept 18th, the issue between these two reared its head once more when Kyle attacked ‘Bad Boy’ after his match. Why? When I asked Lee Kyle he gave me the following answer.


“What really annoys me about Jed Masters is that, after beating me in Consett, his IWF career seemed to sky-rocket while defeat has left me treading water over the last few months. Since beating me, Masters has received a title shot at Assassin and a slot in this summer’s ‘Tournament of Faith’, two opportunities that I was not given. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he was invited to compete in Kent for IPW this September. I know that if I had of beaten him, these opportunities would have come my way and I would have made the most of them. In some ways, I’m annoyed with myself because I know for a fact that I would have beaten him, had I taken him as seriously as I should have. Masters needs to know that I am now taking him very seriously indeed and have dedicated the last couple of months of my life to preparing for this match. Jed, as good as you are, come 27th November, I will prove to you what I know for a fact, and that is that you may be good, but you are no Lee Kyle.


Come October 2nd, Jed was placed in a gauntlet against Lee Kyle’s group ‘The Lee Kyle Experience’. After quickly defeating Kamala’s #1 Fan, Masters managed to gain a three count on Chris Prime. A tired ‘Bad Boy’ was then taken to the limit by Harry Pain but won through after Pain was disqualified after receiving three public warnings. Kyle then entered the ring and choked out the exhausted Masters for a VERY tainted victory. So, with one victory each, this match will be the decider as these two settle their differences in what is sure to be a heated match.


Big Match Profiles –


Name – Lee Kyle

Hometown – Jarrow

Weight – 214lbs

Moves – Mamba Choke, Go Go Gadget Lee (Double Stomp to Head), Roaring Elbow

Titles Held – IWF Tag Team

The Leader of the Lee Kyle Experience, Kyle is a frustrating competitor. He is capable of hanging with the best of the IWF on his day but is also capable of losing to anybody when things are not going his way. He does though, have a good record of beating people when he is fully focused and all reports suggest that he is 100% focused on beating Jed Masters. Expect Kyle to use hard strikes and submission tactics as he attempts to defeat his nemesis.


Name – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

Hometown – Deckham, Gateshead

Weight – 222lbs

Moves – Masterclass (Reverse DDT/Elbow Drop), Masterpiece (Horsecollar)

Titles Held – None as yet

D-Unit member Jed Masters has had an unusual IWF career. For two years he was the head referee before handing in the stripes and dedicating himself to an in-ring career. Within months of his debut, he was challenging for the IWF title. Although he was unsuccessful, he is now regarded as one of the top wrestlers in the IWF and a top contender to any title. Expect to see him use vicious chops and an array of power moves to wear down Lee Kyle before looking to end it with the Masterclass.


Dan Lewis

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With just hours 2 showtime all eyes will surely be on Lee Kyle and Jed Masters as this is no ordinary match...this is hatred.

Both guys are coming off wins at the Jarrow show lastweek and both must be confident of winning,but if Masters gets in some early chops i can only see defeat for my friend Lee Kyle. (sorry Lee)

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*Dat was a very good show dat!


Seriously, bloody nice one!


The heat in the Kyle Vs Masters match was immense.


Pac better be careful as well before he gets arrested for breaking the law (of gravity).


It was one of the longest shows I've seen you guys put on yet. Plus, twas my Birthday night out as well, so, very good timing!


How much did you make for Children in Need?

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