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Breaking TNA News-JJ replaced


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The decision to put Dusty Rhodes on the TNA booking team in place of Jeff Jarrett was made yesterday.


- It was Dusty Rhodes' idea to only tape Impact once every other week as a costcutting measure.


- Interestingly enough, if talent now works multiple matches at the Impact taping (since they will be taping two episodes per taping), they will still be paid as if they worked two different tapings.


- TNA plans to have a meeting with talent tomorrow to discuss the changes. Trust us, there are MAJOR changes in store.


- Word is that Dusty Rhodes already has his creative ideas for the company for the next few months set.


- Impact will continue to air in New York City as Cablevision and Time Warner have worked out a new deal that will see Time Warner continue to air many Cablevision-owned channels (including Fox Sports Net) until January 20th, 2005. Had a deal not been reached, FSN would have been pulled from most NYC cable outlets this week.


- TNA has put the new America's Most Wanted DVD for sale.

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