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NFL Update - Week 11 (The Plight Of San Fran)


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NFL Update – Week 11


Good morning, Good afternoon, whenever you are reading this I welcome you. Its week 11, when every team was in action trying to get closer to that all important playoff place. Some teams are already out of the running, such as the Dolphins and 49ers, who both came into this week with an extremely poor 1-8 record. San Francisco get the pleasure of a feature this week, where I take a look at their abysmal season so far.


Game Feature – Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants


This week I watched the Falcons play the Giants, and I was fully behind the Falcons. Seeing the Giants lose is always good for Jets fans!

The game began with a Giants possession, and the drive began well. Tiki Barber ran for 23 yards on the first play, but then the Giants failed to move any further. On the resulting Punt return, the Falcons, led by Michael Vick, made their way 78 yards upfield in 10 plays. Vick then threw a 6-yard pass to A.Crumpler for the TD. Both teams were ineffective on their following drives, and NY then had a third chance to make an impact. However much like their opening drive, they made a first down, then went 3 and out and had to punt. Atlanta then began a drive that took the game into the second quarter.

Michael Vick lead the Falcons forward a total of 74 yards to throw another TD pass to Crumpler, this time for only 2 yards. New York tried to retaliate, but could only get to their own 37 yard line before punting the ball away. That was better than the Falcons could manage straight after though, as they gained only 5 yards, having to punt. Both teams failed to capitalise on their next possessions, and New York were left with the ball at their own 26 with 16 seconds left in the game. Things were not going the Giants way though, as their first pass was intercepted, allowing Atlanta to set up a 46 yard FG attempt with only 6 seconds left. J.Feely missed however, and the half ended with the Falcons up by 14.

The second half got under way with a Falcons drive riddled with penalties. They actually lost 4 yards in total before punting the ball into NY territory. The Giants began a comeback attempt with a 72-yard drive lasting nearly 8 minutes. This allowed Eli Manning to throw a 6 yard pass to J.Shockey for a touchdown. New York were not dead yet. However both teams failed to make an impact again on their following drives, which left Atlanta with possession going into the final quarter.

However Atlanta seemed to be missing something, as they punted from their own 24 after Vick was sacked for a loss of 14 yards. New York then carried on with their comeback, as they went 65 yards forward to allow S.Christie to kick a 24-yard FG. Atlanta couldn’t make anything of their resulting drive, and had to punt from the half way line. With 1:52 left New York tried to win the game, but could only manage to get to the ATL 42, then turn the ball over on downs. Vick then kneeled twice to end the game 14-10.

It was an inspired attempt at a comeback by the Giants, but it just wasn’t to be, and Atlanta continued their good form looking like a shoe-in for a playoff spot.


Full Results


Pittsburgh Steelers (9-1) 19 – Cincinnati Bengals (4-6) 14

Indianapolis Colts (7-3) 41 – Chicago Bears (4-6) 10

Arizona Cardinals (4-6) 10 – Carolina Panthers (3-7) 35

St Louis Rams (5-5) 17 – Buffalo Bills (4-6) 37

Dallas Cowboys (3-7) 10 – Baltimore Ravens (7-3) 30

San Francisco 49ers (1-9) 3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) 35

Denver Broncos (7-3) 34 – New Orleans Saints (4-6) 13

Detroit Lions (4-6) 19 – Minnesota Vikings (6-4) 22

Tennessee Titans (4-6) 18 – Jacksonville Jaguars (6-4) 15

New York Jets (7-3) 10 – Cleveland Browns (3-7) 7

Miami Dolphins (1-9) 17 – Seattle Seahawks (6-4) 24

San Diego Chargers (7-3) 23 – Oakland Raiders (3-7) 17

Washington Redskins (3-7) 6 – Philadelphia Eagles (9-1) 28

Atlanta Falcons (8-2) 14 – New York Giants (5-5) 10

Green Bay Packers (6-4) 16 – Houston Texans (4-6) 13

New England Patriots (9-1) 27 – Kansas City Chiefs (3-7) 19


The Plight of San Fran


The 49ers of San Francisco were officially the first major league professional sports franchise on the West Coast, formed in 1946 and accepted into the NFL in 1950. They have won 5 Superbowls, 1982, 1985, 1989, 1990 and 1995. Since ’95 they have not made it into a Superbowl, and going on this years results, they wont do it this time either.

Game 1 was against the Atlanta Falcons, and although they lost, it was a very close game that gave the impression that the 49ers were on the up. Atlanta QB Michael Vick had an uninspiring debut under new Falcons Coach Jim Mora, however they still got it done. The 49ers were better on the field though, gaining over 100 more yards than Atlanta, and getting more First Downs. San Fran even had more time in possession but they just couldn’t break through the Falcons.

Game 2 produced another close game, and another loss, this time to the New Orleans Saints. Yet again the 49ers had more First Downs, more time in possession, and greater yardage, but they could not convert that into enough points. They also gave away a poor interception at the NO 1-yard line, helping to give the game away. The game ended 30-27 in New Orleans favour, and the 49ers must have been kicking themselves for letting it slip through their fingers for the 2nd week in a row.

Unbeaten Seattle beckoned in game 3, and the 49ers had to win to get their season back on track. However on game day the Seahawks completely outclassed them, scoring 34 points and shutting out the 49ers offence. The final score was 34-0, and it was the first time San Francisco had been shut out since 1977! St Louis were game 4’s opponents, and they put the hammer down. After going down 24-0 at half time, the 49ers were reeling. They did attempt a comeback however, scoring 14 points in the final quarter but it wasn’t enough to get the W. Up until now it had been the 49ers offence who had let the team down, and they made up for it big time in game 5 against the Cardinals. San Francisco scored 16 points in 5 minutes to send the game into OT, then kicked a 32-yard FG to take the game.

The 4-0 Jets were next, and things started really well for the 49ers, taking a 14-3 lead into half time. However the team failed to continue their good form and allowed NY to score 19 points in the second half, whilst themselves scoring nothing. Maybe that one win was just lucky against Arizona?

After the bye week the 49ers were out to get some much-needed wins, and it could have came against the equally poor 1-5 Chicago Bears. However the 49ers offence failed to score in the second half again which allowed the Bears to take a 23-13 victory. Game 8 brought the return match against the Seahawks. After the humiliating shutout last time round, the 49ers needed to regain some respect. At least this time they scored, however the 49ers defence was ripped to shreds, allowing Seattle to score 42 points compared to their own 27. Another loss and San Francisco were down to 1-7. So to week 10, where they faced last years Superbowl runners up the Carolina Panthers who were 1-7 at the time as well. Someone had to get the win, and this time Carolina were the better side. Going into half-time the 49ers were up 17-3, however due to the defence sleeping in the second half the Panthers came right back and score 34 points (17 in each quarter) to finish the game 37-27. Things were made even worse this week as they were trampled on by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One win and nine losses, lingering at the bottom of the NFC West, and without a hope of making a winning season, the 49ers need to look at both their offence and defence, and make some serious changes soon.


Player of the Week


With every team playing this week, I was yet again hard-pushed to select one player for this week’s award. However I have chosen an established Quarterback to be the Player of the Week, and its about both his numbers, and his recovery from a poor start to the game. Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles gets the honour this week. After getting sacked three times and throwing an interception early on in the game against the Redskins, he regained his composure and threw for 4 touchdowns, and was 18 of 26 for 222 yards. McNabb also ran 4 times for 34 yards. His performance helped the Eagles go 9-1 for the first time since 1980.


Jets Talk


Thanks to a second half shutout the Jets were able to rally back from a 7-point deficit to beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. After two losses the Jets have got back on the winning trail. Currently second in the AFC East behind the Patriots with a record of 7-3, a post-season spot is not out of the question. Back to the game, and both teams were very shabby all the way through, with the Browns gaining the advantage with a TD midway through the second quarter. Jets QB Quincy Carter (in for still injured Pennington) was sacked six times, but managed to lead the teams resurgence in the third quarter. A field goal was gained, but they still had a lot of work to do. With 5:32 left in the game, Carter threw an 11-yard pass to Justin McCareins for the game-winning touchdown. Curtis Martin was injured during the game, hurting his knee, but he did his best to rally the troops as he entered the huddle trying to motivate the team. It obviously worked! Next week we travel to Arizona to face the 4 and 6 Cardinals, can NY get another win streak on the go in the push towards the post-season?


Wrap Up


How was it for you? That’s week 11 over and done with, and now is the time for the teams to pull together and push for those post season spots. Carolina won their second game in a row, destroying the Cardinals by 25 points. Denver took a commanding 20-point lead in the first quarter against New Orleans that proved insurmountable, and the 49ers continued their very bad form by losing to the Buccaneers. Next week two games will be played on Thursday as it will be Thanksgiving, one on Monday and the rest on Sunday. Fixtures of note include the Colts travelling to Detroit to face the Lions, New England playing host to Baltimore and Miami taking on San Francisco. That’s it for now, see you next week at NFL Update.

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Thank God we won that.

C-Mart now joins Barry Sanders in the 1000 yards per season in the first 10 seasons category. Solid play from C-Mart

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That was a close one though, as whilst i watching the other game, the NY score kept coming up in the corner, and when we were 7-0 down at half-time i thought the worst. Curtis seems to be doing his best to become the all-time rushing leader, and i reckon if he carries on like he is, there will be no stopping the guy. And it was great to see the Giants lose :lol

I am quite suprised iuts taken Carolina so long to get these wins on the board, last season they were so close, now they are so far.

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Very yay at Giants losing, especially Eli looking like a dumbass rookie. A guy has the audacity to choose where he wants to play and be an arse about it, so I like him losing.

Think the Panthers really flooked it last year, either that or the football gods did the job of trying to balance things out by numerous craap years and one awesome one.

As for the Jets, Curtis is great, our lines are fairly awesome and we have the best quarteback in the game (hint : is not Quincy Carter, Ricky Ray or Brooks Bollinger). If we had kept Chad fit, we would have hammered the incompetant Browns.

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