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I believe in Triple H.


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To the tune of "yesterday"



Triple H

Once you carried bags for HBK

Now it looks as though you're here to stay

Oh i believe In triple H



Shes not half the lover I could be

Dont be blinded by her ovaries

Cause I can be your Stephanie


Why, they hate you so

I dont know, they wouldnt say

You did nothing wrong

Now I long for Triple H


Triple H

Cause its all about the Game today

Chris and Booker didnt even play

Oh i believe In triple H


I break in your home

When i know you're away

I stare at your thongs

And i long for Triple H


Triple H

Now the cops want to lock me away

So i need a place to hide away

Cause I believe in Triple h


Yes I believe In triple H.

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This is actually taken from quite a well known parody that NoSoul did, the guy who ran ScoopThis. He made up a fake WWE site, made a page with a "Bradshaw" column and posted this in MP3 format where a Bradshaw-sound-alike sang this. Loads of people bought it, and started saying stuff like "OMG bradshaw luvs da hhh", until NoSoul revealed it was all just a big prank. He did a similar thing where he said that Metallica were suing his band for copying their songs on a fake website, and it ended up on Reuters, so it was seen all over the world, and a few big American talks shows mentioned it, until it was also revealed to be a fake.


Personally, I prefer the lyrics "Chris2K, all my troubles seemed so far away".

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Russ exposed me lol. Yes its true these are the lyrics to a weel known parody that I got my hands on and I just loved it so much, although in fairness I never said I made it up lol. I was just listening to it and thought dayam thats awesome. and it reflects my thoughts.
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