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November Reign Results & NEW Show announced for Sunday


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Results -


Danny Devine def Saul Adams

Party Boyz def Marc Hogan and Falcon (w/ Whoppi Goldberg :thumbsup )

Spud def Kev O'Neil

Rob Hunter def Chad Collyer after pinning holding the tights (MOTN for me :xyx )




Jonny Storm def Morales (w/ Bob Marley) (Close 2nd for MOTN)

Damien Grant def GBH (~)

Laken Xander def Judge to retain the title, after Joel reversed his original decision as Judge pinned Laken after hitting him with the Gavel. Before the match Laken gave Judge an early Xmas present of some razors :lol


During the show, it was announced that there was going to be another Baggeridge show this SUNDAY, normal time start etc. I unforunatly can't go, so I wouldn't mind if someone could txt me results during the show, I'll pay them at Violent Night. :)


I'm hoping for Laken v Falcon for the title


EDIT: 100th Post :thumbsup

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