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Packed my forum bags and calling it quits


How do you feel about me quitting  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about me quitting

    • Awwww man don't leave
    • A shame....but take care dude
    • Whatever, I don't care - Just Go
    • ...Who are you again?
    • Seabass, wait!...don't forgot to take the trash out when you leave

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Most of you rookies won't care about this and rightfully so. Hell, most of you veterans won't care either. But anyway i've decided not to post her (at least not for a long time) because in a nutshell, I lost my posting sprit (if such a thing exists ¬_¬) and also i feel like i don't belong here anymore (for several reasons)

so erm...take care and all you baka's can go to hell :D

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Well Seabie you know my thoughts on this!!! T'is a very sad day when one of the funnier old school members quits :( But I can understand your reasons, take care sweetie and you know where I am :xyx


and James, why bother posting :roll

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Going on past experience I can't really talk as I did a lot of these "I'm leaving, love me before I go" threads. But people learn from their own mistakes and I learnt from mine.


This seems like just that, exactly like mine was to be honest.


Just one question though, and don't take this as any sort of attack on you as it's not but you've opened up a thread stating you're leaving and presumably there's something you don't like here anymore that is the reason you're going. Why have you not said what that is? If you don't want to tell people I understand that, but then if you didn't why open a thread and a poll about you going? All I'm saying is if there's something about these board that you don't like right now, maybe by sharing that view with the rest of us we can help improve the boards in a way that will mean guys like you don't feel the need to leave in the future. But then like I said, it could just be something personal and not really related to what's happening here which there'd be little point you sharing.


However, as with everyone else here I'll be sorry to see you go. You're one of the few guys that was still here that I remember being here when I first joined.

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