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My little assassinations...


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This little Twisted tid-bit is dedicated to those of you that reside in the UK( Now I know there are at least one or two of you right, I know Jayden is from Chicago. I remember he tried to sell me a "Rolex" in the park outside Shea stadium :help!)


Rolex indeed Jayden! I may be "Twisted" , but at least I know gold from a hole in the ground...A hole in the ground...


...why it seems Chrostof is diggin' around my backyard again. Shame on you Christof. Seems you found a certin "BananaPhone" back there. You (G)olly Green German Giant!


Wow! Triple 'G' it is my friend.


Anyway, here you have it...



Boyo:*pleading* Come on Darkstar..what do you mean I can't borrow your car again?

I swear Christof said "Just one more pint!" :beerchug


Hmm, silly Brits!


Oh, sorry, Boyo's Welsh...whatever that means.:P

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